Page 14 THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, April 12, 2019 EVERETT FIRE DEPARTMENT • EVERETT PUBLIC SCHOOLS RINGING A BELL Middle School Students Submit Entries to a Statewide Poster Contest Promoting Fire Safety and Prevention Middle school students throughout the district showcased their artistic skills and creativity by submitting entries in the 2019 Arson Watch Reward Program Poster Contest. The theme of the contest is “Fire Prevention – Everyone/ Everyday.” Everett Fire Department Lt. William Hurley met with Everett sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to discuss fire safety and prevention and talk about the contest. “Lt. Hurley did a fantastic job of engaging the students and getting them interested in the project,” said EPS Art Director Amanda Gil. “And that is reflected in the quality of the submissions, which are eye-catching and convey very important messages.” The contest is sponsored by the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association and the Rhode Island Joint Reinsurance Association. In Massachusetts, a Countywide contest is held for all students in grades 6-8. First and Second place county winners are chosen by an impartial panel of judges. All First place county winners are entered into the Massachusetts Statewide Contest. Students were asked to create posters keeping several criteria in mind, including: • Is a fire prevention/fire safety message conveyed? • Is the intent/topic clear when you first look at it? • Is the poster original and creative? • Are the main ideas appropriate to the topic and presented correctly? • Do the illustrations and captions reinforce each other? • Is lettering legible? • Is spelling correct? • Can words be read at a distance? • Do words conflict with pictures? • Can the poster be printed as is, or would it require some redrawing or color change? • Are there any details that may get lost when reproduced? Mariana Neves, Lafayette Art Coordinator: Amanda Gil ELEMENTARY ART TEACHERS Whittier School: Kim Nicotera Parlin School: Lyndsay Zaremba Lafayette School: Danielle Cobb English School: Shannon Scire Keverian School: Elizabeth Delaney Katie Pinto, Keverian Emily Da Silva, Lafayette Kelly St. Fort, Lafayette6 Manuel Navas Barrientos, English Gabriel Do Nascimento, Parlin Pablo Delphorno Rodriguez Pacheco, Parlin Larry Flores, Whittier Caroline Veneno, Whittier Katie Mendez-Solano, Whittier Allison Carranza, Keverian

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