THE EVERETT ADVOCATE – Friday, April 12, 2019 Page 15 MYSTIC | FROM PAGE 3 chael Gilleberto also attended. Joining the program this year were two special guest speakers: Lionette Jasmin, a resident of Everett and home health aide with Associated Home Care; and MVES client Carole Nolan, from Malden. During Mystic Valley Elder Services’ annual Legislative Briefing, MVES CEO Daniel O’Leary and guest speaker Carole Nolan of Malden discussed the services Nolan receives from MVES. Carole Nolan of Malden was a guest speaker at Mystic Valley Elder Services’ annual Legislative Briefing. Jasmin, who has been a home health aide for 30 years, spoke on the passion she has for her job and her clients but also explained the challenges she faces, such as low wages, long hours and lack of training. She cares deeply for the well-being of her clients but needs to work two jobs and long hours seven days a week to try to make ends meet. The financial burden Jasmin faces creates a lot of stress. Jasmin has noticed that the burden of care for home health aides has demonstrably increased over the years. “Reliance on home health aides is growing, and there seems to be little progress on improving wages, training or career prospects,” she said. Nolan, the second guest speaker, shared her inspirational story. Nolan has lived in the same apartment for 27 years and is grateful to still live independently in the community she loves. Some years ago, she suffered from an acute attack of depression, which resulted in her being in bed for three weeks. Concerned about her onset of depression, Nolan approached the MVES Residential Services Coordinator (RSC) at her building. Realizing Nolan’s difficulty, the RSC referred her to Amy Foreman, a clinical caseworker in the Clinical Programs Department at MVES. Foreman, with Nolan’s permission, enrolled her into the Mobile Mental Health program, a program in which clinical caseworkers provide outreach to older adults experiencing mental health conditions that impact their functioning and ability to meet life’s daily challenges. Since Nolan has been enrolled in the program, her bouts of depression have declined. Nolan really likes that her counselor comes to her home once a week as part of the program. “It is much better now that my counselor comes to me. I rely on a cane now and cannot walk long distances so it works out great. I don’t have to travel as much and feel more relaxed in the setting of my own home,” she stated. Concluding the program, O’Leary thanked those in attendance: “Each year, when we host this breakfast, I’m reminded of how fortunate we are to have representatives on Beacon Hill who truly understand the imMVES annual Legislative Briefing: from right to left are State Representatives Paul Brodeur, Joseph McGonagle, Michael Day, Donald Wong and RoseLee Vincent, State Senators Patricia Jehlen, Sal DiDomenico and Jason Lewis and Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) CEO Daniel O’Leary. (Courtesy Photos) portance of home care services and behavioral and mental health issues and support our programs throughout the year.”

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