Builder News Process Focus: Questions and Answers Building a more efficient home building company Although demand for new homes is returning in most markets, qualified workers remain scarce. Builders who want to capitalize on this demand and grow their businesses have to do more with the labor resources they have. They have to become more efficient, effective and productive by optimizing their business processes. How do you get started on an optimization effort? The following questions and answers should shed light on that. Q: What does optimization include? A: Optimization requires that you take a hard look at your business processes. It has two main parts: analysis and improvement. Q: How are processes analyzed? A: The analysis should document how the company does its day-to-day work. For instance the construction cycle has hundreds of steps; before you can identify which ones are contributing to delays, you need to think through them and write them down. You can get this information by interviewing key individuals and work groups, then holding a workshop that includes everyone you interviewed. Ask about workflows, decision points, decision timing and information flows. Map these out for each process from the beginning of the land acquisition stage all the way to the closing out of the warranty period. Q: How should processes be documented? READ FURTHER for the Answers and additional Questions ANNOUNCING the arrival of our new 8-story BOOMTRUCK CONNECTICUT - East Haven - Manchester - Newtown SANDY HOOK - 2 Turnberry Lane - 203-426-0030 NEW YORK - Millwood • Mold / Mildew Resistant Board • Fire Rated Board • ½” Light Weight Board • Exterior Sheathing • Metal Studs • Acoustical Ceiling Tile July 2016 | HBRA of Fairfield County | 15

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