introduced Blue Line extension is a solid attraction for the city moving forward and we are optimistic that we will see improved levels of customer service. Glenn Heights Mayor Leon P. Tate “Proactively meeting today’s divergent needs of its member cities while giving visionary care toward expanding its transportation system are integral components of DART’s success into the future.” Highland Park Mayor Joel T. Williams III “Everywhere you look in Irving, and particularly in Las Colinas along the DART corridor, you see cranes and construction. Transit-oriented development, when complete, will deliver 23 projects that include 15,000 residential units and nearly 11 million square feet of retail and office space. Additionally, we have much more construction planned along the DART and TRE lines in Irving. So, more than a century after the city’s founding as a rail station, rail continues to deliver high energy and tremendous interest.” Irving City Councilman John Danish “DART drives the pulse of Downtown Plano and has ignited a true renaissance. As a result, downtown has emerged as a vibrant destination for shopping, dining and cultural art experiences. The energy is palpable every time the train approaches Downtown Plano Station and you hear the bells and see the lights at the crossing.” Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere “In July 2002, Richardson became the first city outside of Dallas to welcome DART Light Rail and today our community benefits from four stations. Since then, access to DART has had a tremendous and positive impact on our community, spurring transit-oriented developments such as the $1.5 billion CityLine project. Through such developments, light rail clearly has helped bring quality jobs, attracted new dining, shopping and entertainment venues, contributed significantly to the city’s tax base and fostered dynamic, walkable neighborhoods that enhance Richardson’s overall quality of life.” Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker “Rowlett is successfully creating the sustainable, energized and walkable downtown our community has long envisioned. Downtown Rowlett Station is very much a part of this vision and is a key element in attracting quality development. For example, Bankhead Brewing Co. opened a new restaurant with an amazing outdoor patio next to Rowlett’s downtown water tower. The $34 million mixed-use Village of Rowlett project, which also will house the Rowlett Library when completed in 2017, can be directly attributed to the availability of DART Light Rail!” Rowlett Mayor Todd Gottel “With a constant focus on improving mobility throughout North Texas, DART and its member-city partners are integral components of the region’s overall efforts to sustain area infrastructure, spur economic growth and cultivate more livable communities.” University Park Mayor Olin Lane Jr.

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