Dallas, TX 75266 0163 g Morgan Lyons Assistant Vice President External Relations Linda Webb-Mañon Senior Manager External Communications Lyle Miller Senior Manager Creative Services Denise Johnson Manager Customer Information and Production Writers Krystal-Rose Agu Donn Coburn Karen Ptacek Linda Webb-Mañon Christine Wilson Senior Graphic Designer Photographers Lupe Hernandez Reginald Loftin Connect with DART Customer Information (routes & schedules) 214.979.1111 DART Administrative Offices 214.749.3278 To subscribe or update your subscription, contact us: Online: www.DART.org/publications Phone: 214.749.3249 Mail: Marketing Department Dallas Area Rapid Transit P.O. Box 660163 Dallas, TX 75266-7203 Published March 2017 132-005-117 CW

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