Poetry, Article Review Issue 1 Nov 2019 Vol 1 WE VIEW You are invited to share your writing, news, ideas. Future issues will have guest editors and curated editions, so keep the creative ink flowing… WE VIEW Editor’s Note WE are delighted to bring you the first issue of WE VIEW this turbulent, yet festive November of ’19, celebrating words that empower and inform! This issue of WE VIEW carries perspectives and ideas that are ‘like a punch in the gut’ in the words of one of our favourite authors - Santosh Bakaya; as she speaks about a poem by gifted poet Anna Sujatha Mathai. Yes, the poem is here. It shows up passages through some strange dark norms that erase and extinguish vulnerable footprints in the sands of time. So here we are, to let our thoughts light up the way, and let our words shine; as we listen to precious authors like Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, who speak truth to power.. Come, bring out your glowing earthen lamps, your quaint dreamy diyas, your candles, your inner light to create beautiful new ways of being Smeetha Bhoumik Chief Editor Reach us at Caption Here weourspace(at) gmail.com

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