ACCESSORI PROFESSIONALI | PROFESSIONAL TOOLS SCIOLINATRICE E SPAZZOLATRICE WAXING AND BRUSHING MACHINE MOTO BRUSH 2 Sciolinatrice e spazzolatrice professionale con una piastra riscaldante Professional waxing and brushing machine with one heating plate MOTO BRUSH 2 WITHOUT ROLLERS Dimensioni / Dimensions: 590X160X215 mm Peso / Weight: 15 Kg Voltaggio / Voltage 220V/50Hz Assorbimento / Absorption 0.5 Kw ROLLER FOR MERINO WOOL LEATHER cm 14 MERINO WOOL LEATHER cm 14 SCOTCH BRITE ROLLER cm 16 13mm BRASS BRUSH cm 16 10mm HORSEHAIR BRUSH cm 16 10mm NYLON BRUSH cm 16 10mm NYLON/HORSEHAIR BRUSH cm 16 (for cross country ski)

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