SPORT LINE MACCHINE | MACHINES AC28 - S28 EDGE Side edge sharpening machine with ceramic disc for ski and snowboard This new little and compact machine works with a ceramic disks instead of traditional sanding belt and this allows a very fine processing on lateral ski side edge. The operator can choose to works between 90° and 86° and also can works with all kind of skis exsisting on the market. This machine works with water by means of closed-circuit pump, water tank is extractable and have a specific filter for dirt recovery. TECHNICAL DATA: MOTORS: Kw 0.37 230/400 V 50/60 Hz PUMP: Kw 0,11 TANK CAPACITY: 7 Lt STONE DIMENSIONS: ø 150x40 mm WEIGHT: 60 Kg TOTAL ABSORBION: Kw 0.48 VOLTAGE: 3x230/400 V 50/60 Hz - 1x230 V 50/60 Hz MEASURES: H110x48x60 mm SC350 - S350 WAX Hot Ski & Snowboard waxing machine The hot ski and snowboard waxing machine complete of brush stands out by its easiness and quickness of execution. Its features make this waxer essential for both workshops and rentals. Equipped with a powered resistance (2500w) adjustable by the temperature controller and a fan which heat up the new waxing drum. TECHNICAL DATA: MACHINE DIMENSIONS: mm. 510x600x380H TOTAL CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Kw.2,37 HEATING ELEMENT: W 2500 TEMPERATURE: Variable from 0° C to 93° C BELT DIMENSIONS :472x340 WEIGHT: Kg. 65 DIMENSION OF THE CARRIAGE: 520x520x630H VOLTAGE : 230/50 WEIGHT: Kg. 19 SC350C Carriage for S350 WAX

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