SPORT LINE MACCHINE | MACHINES LM18RP - S35 BELT Ski & Snowboard sand belt machine Equipped with a two speed belt which gives excellent preparation and finish. The variable speed automatic feed makes for easy working of skis and snowboards and can be disconnected to allow skis or snowboards to be worked by hand. The double supporting roller on the inline edge sharpening unit provides a firm base for edge sharpening. The roller can be adjusted to various edge angles. Characteristics: 1-Very versatile machines. 2-Simple to use. 3-Top quality working for ski and snowboard. 4-Compact dimensions. GAA16LMV Autofeed for S35BELT – Variable speed GAF17L Side edge sand belt sharpening unit “inline” for S35 BELT TECHNICAL DATA: MOTORS: Kw 2,2/1,5 230/400 V 50/60 Hz Kw 0,37 230/400 V 50/60 Hz Kw 0,18 230/400 V 50/60 Hz WATER PUMP: 230/400 V 50/60 Hz - Kw 0,45 WATER TANK: 25 Lt BELT DIMENSIONS: 2000x350 mm - 1200x20 mm VOLTAGE: 3x230/400 V 50/60 Hz - 1x230 V 50/60 Hz WEIGHT: 380 Kg TOTAL POWER CONSUMPTION: Kw 3,2 MEASURES: 1390x700x1430H mm

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