SPORT LINE MACCHINE | MACHINES LR35C - S35 INLINE Inline snowboard stone/belt grinding machine fully computerized with touchscreen panel Sturdy construction and reliable components. Good grinding results, both in roughing and finishing ,thanks to the variable speed of each single work units. Extractable coolant tank with dirt collecting basket . Ski feed constant pressure by means of air piston with pressure regulator. This machine has been designed for all those work shops with little room, and can be set among medium-medium/high machines, thanks to its very good price and working quality. GAF17L Side edge sand belt sharpening unit “inline” for LR35C TECHNICAL DATA: GRINDING WHEEL MOTOR POWER: Hp 3 BELT MOTOR POWER: Hp 3 GRINDING WHEEL DIMENSIONS: D.350x320 BELT DIMENSIONS: 2000x350mm.; 1200x20mm. BELT SPEED: Variable(from 270 to 1300 rpm) GRINDING WHEEL SPEED: Variable (from 270 to 1300 rpm) AUTOMATIC FEED SPEED: Variable DRESSER FEED SPEED: Variable; WATER TANK IN STEINLESS STEEL: Capacity 70-80 L VOLTAGE: 3x230/400 v 50/60 Hz WEIGHT:600 Kg approx. MEASURES: 1600x700x1800H mm

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