Missions & Lay Servant Ministries 3 Carnall Elementary Outreach On the first day of school, we delivered cookies, water & backpack tags/keychains to the teachers and staff at Carnall. We hope to build a relationship with the teachers and staff at Carnall. So, our missions team is making it a monthly goal to do something for them each month. So get ready church. We may be asking you to help in this way. Front cover picture is the box of goodies dropped off. Farmer’s Market Wrap Up ICYMI (In case you missed it) The volunteer group on the last Saturday of the Mission are pictured: Billy and Peggy Higgins, Trefana Christian, Suzanne Gibson, , Chris Bates, and Stephen Christian. Photo credit: Jackie Nichols Our Three Month Mission in distributing produce donated by the farmers in the downtown Fort Smith market concluded last Saturday. The 60-70 lbs of veggies were sacked and distributed to the ten Blessing Boxes that stretch from the south to the north side of town. My heartfelt thank you to all of the Wesley members who volunteered to help with the Mission this season. It seemed always to be good feelings generated by this work that brought nature, food, and human kindness and need all together. Sincerely, Billy

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