Scout Ministry 5 Wesley’s Scouting ministry, since 1979 has celebrated a number of Eagle Scouts out of Troop 19-B (boys). Now Wesley gets a direct benefit of its most recent candidate for Eagle Scout, Yan Li. He’s an honor-student Senior at Southside High School with significant computer skills, and has benefitted from Wesley Scouting program since 5th grade, starting in Pack 19. On July 7th Yan Li met with Jeff Jones to develop his Eagle project to create a proposal for Harley Strang’s consideration. Wesley’s two storage sheds by its Rockhouse were needing renovation and rearranging, and Yan Li wanted to help with that. On July 15th Harley met with Yan Li and accepted his Eagle proposal, his approach to solving the shed-problem, along with caring of a few other needs surrounding Wesley’s Rockhouse. Good news! Yan Li developed a detailed plan in early August for his Eagle project and delivered it to BSA local council for scope-of-work approval. Shortly thereafter paint & lumber materials were obtained and special shelving ordered, all covered by special donations Yan Li secured. On Aug. 26th Yan Li’s fellow Scouts emptied all items from storage sheds into Rockhouse, and cleanup of shed began. Temporary roof repair was needed on south shed before any painting of interior could start. On Sept. 3rd roof repairs & priming of interiors were done; first finish-coat on walls & doors were also done, all evidence of good work by our Scouts. However, Yan Li’s 18th Birthday made this Eagle Project deadline BEFORE Sept. 15th! With diligence, Yan Li led his “selective few” to meet this deadline. On Sept. 9th new ramps for both sheds were begun, special epoxy floor-paint 1st coat done. The 2nd coat of floor paint and installation of ramps for both sheds were accomplished by next day, along with trees & shrub trimmings and touch-up painting. Many man-hours were involved! On Sunday, Sept. 11th Rev. Jana Green, Blanche West and her wonderful crew of women sorted thru all the items stashed at the Rockhouse, chose items for organizing in south storage shed, with remaining items for donations elsewhere (or thrown). On Sept. 12th Wesley’s items were moved onto new shelves in south shed, now easily accessible in a nicely finished “storage facility!” Yan Li’s Eagle project was now accepted as complete! Final cleanup followed on Sept. 13th. Indeed, Yan Li met his critical deadline and Wesley UMC got a double blessing: renovated storage sheds and an “Eagle Scout soon-to-be”!

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