Pastor Zeke Cont., Golf Scramble Pastor Zeke Continued Page 2 Yes there is incredible suffering and brokenness in our lives and the world but I have come to believe God uses our brokenness to shape and reshape us into a restored and beautiful people. Through our brokenness, the light of Christ shines even brighter. Let us honor the light of Christ that breaks forth in new ways in spite of and through our brokenness. Let us also surrender to the molding and shaping of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Finally, let us practice surrender allowing and inviting God to shape us as we journey towards Christian perfection. -Keep the Faith Strong, Rev. Zeke Allen Zeke needs empty moving boxes if anyone has any they want/need to get rid of. Thank you to the Congregational Care Committee and the congregation for the Easter baskets to the kid’s Sunday School class. Big shout out and ‘Thank You’ to Donna Moreton for making these super cute bunnies that were placed in each of the Easter baskets that were delivered to the shut-ins. Wesley UMC Newsletter May 2022

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