ŪKAIPŌTANGA WHANAUNGATANGA Ūkaipōtanga reinforces the marae as our principal home, as a place of comfort, nourishment and inspiration. We should ensure that we are fully engaged with our marae, which are of primary importance in reconnecting with mātauranga from our own whānau, hapū and iwi. We must endeavour to create a similar environment at Te Wānanga o Raukawa. PŪKENGATANGA Pūkengatanga dictates the pursuit of excellence in all our activities, encouraging us to contribute to the mātauranga continuum by building on the fields of expertise that we have developed over time. Pūkengatanga demands the provision of distinctive, innovative and high quality facilities, programmes, publications and services. KOTAHITANGA Kotahitanga emphasises the value of working together towards the achievement of common goals. We should express our distinctiveness as an institution and as individuals, whānau, hapū and iwi, while also embracing the opportunity to gain strength and insight through the sharing of experiences and understandings. RANGATIRATANGA Rangatiratanga exemplifies the attributes commonly associated with a rangatira: integrity, generosity and the ability to unite people. We are expected to demonstrate these qualities as we perform our roles and responsibilities, and to nurture them in those around us. Whanaungatanga reminds us that our achievements are typically the result of collaborative effort. Working together provides the opportunity for each of us to make our unique contribution to the collective enterprise, enabling shared aspirations to be advanced and reinforcing our whānau, hapū and iwi associations. KAITIAKITANGA Kaitiakitanga urges Te Wānanga o Raukawa to nurture and protect its people and its place. It requires us to preserve and enrich those taonga that have been created and tended by others, and that we have inherited. We must employ our resources wisely, ensuring that their use contributes positively to our viability and reputation. 5 Prospectus 2020

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