Qualifications that lead in to a range of career pathways including ARTS CREATIVE DESIGN Heke Toi Whakarākai (Whakairo) Diploma in Design and Art (Carving) Heke Toi Whakarākai (Raranga) Diploma in Design and Art (Weaving) Poutuarongo Toi Whakarākai (Whakairo) Bachelor of Design and Art (Carving) Poutuarongo Toi Whakarākai (Raranga) Bachelor of Design and Art (Weaving) ARTS PERFORMING ARTS DRAMA ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ADMINISTRATION LEADERSHIP CONSERVATION SCIENCE Heke Whare Tapere Diploma in Literary Performing Arts Poutuarongo Whare Tapere Bachelor of Literary Performing Arts Poutāhū Whakahaere Postgraduate Diploma in Management Tāhuhu Whakahaere Master of Management Heke Kaitiakitanga Pūtaiao Diploma in Environmental Management Poutuarongo Kaitiakitanga Pūtaiao Bachelor of Environmental Management Working artist, exhibition technician, educator/lecturer, curator, whānau/ hapū/iwi weaver/carver, commissioned artist, museum studies, fashion design or contemporary artist. Performing arts teacher, cultural advisor, entertainer, stage manager, tourism/ hospitality advisor, performer, kapa haka choreographer, composer, educator/ lecturer, drama/acting. Middle or senior management roles, business owner/operator, marketing or communications advisor, chief executive officer, human resource manager, business advisor, policy analyst. Bilingual conservation scientist and forestor, bilingual energy auditor, bilingual environmental engineer, environmental protection technician, urban regional planner, rūnanga/ iwi and hapū representative, Resource Management Act work, DoC ranger, project management of restoration works, biodiversity work in councils. EDUCATION TEACHING Heke Whakaakoranga Kōhungahunga Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood) Heke Te Rangakura Kaiwhakaako Diploma in Teaching (Bilingual) Heke Whakaakoranga Diploma in Teaching (Māori Medium) Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga Kōhungahunga Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) Poutuarongo Te Rangakura Kaiwhakaako Bachelor of Teaching (Bilingual) Poutuarongo Whakaakoranga Bachelor of Teaching (Māori Medium) Poutāhū Whakaakoranga Akorau Postgraduate Diploma in Blended Teaching and Learning (Pre-service, Māori Medium, Primary) Poutāhū Whakaakoranga Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Māori Medium) Tāhuhu Whakaakoranga Master of Education (Māori Medium) Kaiwhakaako Maōri, education advisor, early childhood/primary/secondary teacher. Special education teacher, tertiary lecturer, curriculum advisor, education union rep, policy analyst, specialist subject area teacher, education advisor, senior kaiako Māori, policy advisor, Māori language specialist, principal. 23 Prospectus 2020

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