jump ring wrapped briolette 1 1 2 3 When opening jump rings, use two pair of chain nose pliers, pulling towards & away from you. Use pliers to tightly close the jump ring, lining up the ends until you see a smooth & secure connection without a gap or opening. 1 2 String a 3 inch piece of 20 gauge natural brass wire a ¼ way through crystal briolette. Cross wire above bead, bending the long end of the wire back so that it is sticking straight up. wrapped loop 3 Grip the wire just above the crystal with chain nose plier while you completely wrap the shorter piece around base of longer wire, approximately 3 times. Use chain nose plier to straighten coils and tuck in end of wire. 4 String straight end of wire through acrylic flower and wisteria bead cap. While holding round nose plier tightly closed against wire, form the wire up over the pliers to start your loop. 11 Pull the wire around to form a simple loop with the tail overlapping. Grip the tail end of wire with chain nose plier. Begin to wrap the wire tightly below the loop to create your first coil. Wrap the tail down the neck of wire tightly until you complete approximately 3 full revolutions. End your last coil on the back side of the loop. Use flush cutter to trim the excess wire close to the bottom coil. Use chain nose plier to straighten your loop if necessary and to tuck in the end of wire tightly below the bottom coil.

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