The Navy’s official museum for all things undersea. 201 4 ANNUAL REPORT

The Naval Undersea Museum is the Navy’s official museum for undersea history, science, operations, and technology. We hold the most comprehensive collection in the country of U.S. Navy artifacts and documents related to undersea subjects, with especially strong specialty collections in torpedoes, mines, diving and salvage, submarine technology, and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). ABOUT THE NAMES USED IN THIS REPORT The Naval Undersea Museum (NUM) shares a Director, Design Manager, Exhibit Manager, and operating budget with our sister museum, the Puget Sound Navy Museum (PSNM). Externally and publicly, we are separate museums, with separate missions and identities, which operate independently. Internally, the umbrella name Navy Museums Northwest (NMNW) is sometimes used administratively to collectively refer to both museums. www.navalunderseamuseum.org

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS 2014 has been an important year for us, as it marks our 20th anniversary as a fully professional museum! Although we opened our doors in 1991, we initially operated as a preview center while our first exhibits were being developed. After the galleries came to life with engaging history and science exhibits we dropped the preview center designation and began operating as a true museum in early 1994. As we look back on 20 years, it has been two wonderful and exciting decades! We have hosted well over one million visitors — 1,273,923 veterans, active duty, civilians, and families — and shared the stories of the undersea Navy in numerous exhibits and education programs. Our artifact collection has grown to more than 40,000 items that hold immeasurable historical, technological, and cultural significance. And we have earned the museum field’s highest national recognition — accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums — twice: first in 2000 after only six years of full operation, and then again in 2011 with reaccreditation through 2026. As we close out 2014, we look forward to celebrating many new achievements at future anniversaries! FOURTEEN YEARS 1,273,923 MILLION OVER FORTY THOUSAND ITEMS COLLECTED AND PRESERVED OF AAM ACCREDITATION VISITORS NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

DEAR FRIENDS OF THE MUSEUM, All around, 2014 was another very successful year for the Naval Undersea Museum! It was a year of continued growth, especially when you look at how much our wonderful staff and volunteer corps has grown. I am happy to tell you that in 2014 the Naval Undersea Museum operated at a very high level of professionalism and that our excellence has been confirmed by the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). Multiple NUM staff members received awards in 2014 that highlight their dedication to professionalism in our field. Jennifer Heinzelman received the Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the second highest award a civilian can receive, from NHHC for her work in coordinating the acquisition, logistics, and delivery of DSRV Mystic to the museum. Mary Ryan and Jarrod Gahr both received challenge coins from the Museums Systems Office at NHHC for their collaboration on projects that benefited the Command as a whole. Jennifer Heinzelman, along with Danelle Eaton, Carolyn Lane, and Kathrine Young from the Puget Sound Navy Museum (PSNM), received a Team Award from NHHC for her work in preparing PSNM for AAM accreditation. Some staff at NUM also received On the Spot or Time Off awards from NHHC for various projects. The list of awards is incredible; many of them received national attention, and I am extremely proud of our fantastic staff! This past year the makeup within the Navy staff changed with the arrival of an Exhibit Manager at NUM. Steve Harvey came to us from the Seattle Aquarium as the new Exhibit Manager and Fabricator for both the Naval Undersea Museum and the Puget Sound Navy Museum. After a year without dedicated exhibit staff at the museum, Steve joining Jarrod on board was definitely a welcome breath of fresh air for us. Together, Steve and Jarrod make one heck of a powerhouse exhibit team. We are very fortunate to have them and all the rest of the hardworking staff who make the magic happen. Changes in exhibits, the public face of the museum, occupied the staff through much of 2014. The Naval Undersea Museum opened four new temporary exhibits in 2014. Curator Mary Ryan developed a new Every Picture Tells a Story series that refreshes the look of the galleries. The exhibit panels highlighting the kaiten were also installed. The opening of the temporary exhibit The Thresher Legacy: A Better, Safer Navy was the most noteworthy of these exhibits this year. This 1,500-squarefoot project was the first for our new exhibit team and they did a fantastic job with the project. The Curatorial and Exhibit staff also developed new exhibit content for both onsite and online exhibits that will open or go live throughout 2015. 2014 HIGHLIGHTS • Welcomed 57,933 visitors • Staged 57 education programs for 4,660 participants • Re-envisioned our exhibits, facility, and brand under a visioning contract • Added 957 new artifacts to the collection, including DSRV Mystic in October www.navalunderseamuseum.org • Developed and launched a major new education initiative, Navy STEM Days, in collaboration with PSNM and PSNS

Artifacts are the heart of our organization, and improvements in collections management continued throughout the year. Even though the Collections Managers are usually out of public view, they are absolutely essential to the functioning of the museum. They manage approximately 40,000 artifacts, large and small, in the collections. In 2014, they completed major improvements to collections storage, artifact conservation, integrated pest management, security, and archival management. NUM’s acquisition of DSRV Mystic, Mystic and Avalon’s archival collections, and BMCM(MDV) Carl Brashear’s Master Diver certificate are the noteworthy treasures added to our collections. Education programs, outreach, and special events continue to draw people to the Naval Undersea Museum and are where we receive our repeat visitation. NUM made great strides in strengthening its position as a STEAM center for the Navy in 2014. Our successes with Engineers Discovery “E” Day, Science Saturdays, and many more programs demonstrate the public’s interest in and appreciation of the museum. NUM’s collaboration with the Puget Sound Navy Museum, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport, and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility to launch the Navy STEM Days program in 2014, in particular, has been a resounding success for the museum, local school districts, and the Navy. The Naval Undersea Museum also supported more than 22,600 active duty Navy personnel and civilians through hosting ceremonies, meetings, and events in 2014. No recounting of the museum’s accomplishments would be accurate without a rousing acknowledgment of the volunteers who support our work in so many ways every day of the year. The museum’s volunteer staff is more than 70 strong and includes some of the friendliest and most accomplished people you will ever meet. They provide the quality that our visitors and the Navy recognize and appreciate. In 2014, the Naval Undersea Museum welcomed twelve new volunteers. We also said thank you and farewell to the following volunteers: Sheri Bandy, Carl Callender, John Duefrane, Peggy Poole, Suzanne St. John, and Larry Tucker. My staff and I could not operate the museums without the loyal, consistent, and dependable support of our superb volunteers. I look forward to 2015, knowing that the Naval Undersea Museum will continue to prosper with the strong support of the public, the volunteer staff, our private non-profit foundation, and the U.S. Navy. All the best, Lindy Dosher • Collections Manager Jennifer Heinzelman earned the Meritorious Civilian Service Award for arranging DSRV Mystic’s acquisition • Added new staff member Steve Harvey as Exhibit Manager • Launched our new website, www.navalunderseamuseum.org • Hosted 265 Navy ceremonies, meetings, and events attended by 22,674 Navy and civilian personnel

REVISIONING THE MUSEUM In 2013, the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) offered NUM an incredible opportunity: the chance to reinterpret and rebrand the museum as part of a revisioning contract. Our current permanent exhibits, installed in the 1990s, either reflect dated approaches, lack relevant connections to visitors’ lives, or were not completed as planned due to funding restrictions. From December 2013 through August 2014, NUM staff worked closely with NHHC, exhibit firm Gallagher and Associates, architectural firm Atkins, interpretive firm History Associates, and Navy stakeholders to envision the Naval Undersea Museum of the future. The collaboration produced an exciting new vision that marries historical artifacts, personal narratives, engaging interactives, and immersive experiences to create dynamic, meaningful exhibits. We hope in the future to receive the funding that would make this vision a reality. In the meantime, we look forward to introducing our new name, the United States Naval Undersea Museum, and new logo in 2015! NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

EDUCATION & PROGRAMMING NUM’s educational programming skyrocketed in both quantity and quality in 2014. The education department developed new programs and refined existing favorites to create exceptional learning experiences. With new programs like Navy STEM Days and Summer STEAM, we continued to expand our position as a leader in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) programming. DISCOVER “E” DAY National Engineers Discover “E” Day drew 539 children and families to the museum for engineering learning experiments. Participants engaged in nine different hands-on activities, such as sound sandwiches, electromagnets, and robotics. Activity stations were staffed by Naval Reserve personnel, civilian volunteers from the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport, and museum volunteers. Discover “E” Day continues to be a highly successful annual event for NUM. FIFTY-SEVEN EDUCATIONAL AND PUBLIC PROGRAMS 2,070 OFFSITE 3,436 ONSITE NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM 2014 ANNUAL REPORT PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS OFFSITE VISITORS REACHED

SUMMER STEAM “ In late June we introduced Summer STEAM, a series of educational initiatives based in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. With families working together to solve challenges and explore new concepts, Summer STEAM supports education and slows “brain drain” between one grade level and the next. More than 1,000 visitors engaged with the program over ten weeks in 2014. NAVY STEM DAYS Our newest program, Navy STEM Days, is a collaborative partnership between NUM, the Puget Sound Navy Museum, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport. The program brings four local classrooms (grades 4–6) to the museum each month for all-day STEM-based learning and activities. Developed following frequent requests for elementary school-level STEM experiences, STEM Days is aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Over 450 students have taken part in 2014’s three STEM Days. This is an awesome hands-on way to test what students learn in school, while also learning something new. It is cool to see real world applications for what [the students] learn in class.” Desiree Hall, West Hills STEM Academy teacher OUTREACH PROGRAMMING Education staff participated in several off-site educational programs in 2014. These programs included hosting a booth at the annual Bremerton STEM Showcase, participating as judges at a regional science fair, and representing the museum at community events like the Keyport Fest and Bremerton Veteran’s Day program. www.navalunderseamuseum.org

SCHOOL AND TOUR GROUPS The Naval Undersea Museum welcomed over 40 school and youth groups in 2014, totaling more than 1,500 participants. Students and tour groups participated in museum-led activities or explored the galleries with guides. STQRY APP STQRY is a mobile storytelling application that connects visitors to information about local museums and cultural institutions. In April, we began developing and sharing content on STQRY. Since our first publication, more than 2,500 digital visitors have used the app to learn more about us and our collection. SCIENCE SATURDAYS 2014 saw the return of Science Saturdays, a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) based, multigenerational program. Its family-friendly hands-on activities are thematically based in scientific concepts, which are integrated with the museum’s content. Approximately 85 visitors participated in 2014’s three Science Saturday programs. T

NEW EXHIBITS 2014 was also a great year for NUM’s exhibition department. The addition of new exhibit staff and a new Mila-wall system greatly expanded our exhibit capabilities! In December we opened the largest temporary exhibit we have staged in nine years, The Thresher Legacy, to positive reviews. 2014 also brought plans for new exhibits projects to come, both in 2015 and longer term. THE THRESHER LEGACY: A BETTER, SAFER NAVY Opened December 3 The sinking of USS Thresher in 1963 was the worst submarine disaster in history. In 2014, NUM opened a new exhibit that honors this tragedy by raising awareness of the important programs that came out of it — the Submarine Safety Program and the Deep Submergence Systems Project. The 1,500-square-foot exhibit, two years in the making, will be on display through late 2017. FOUR 125 NEW TEMPORARY EXHIBITS OPENED ICONIC SUBMERSIBLE (DSRV 100% 1 MYSTIC) PLACED ON EXHIBIT DESIGNED, AND INSTALLED EXHIBIT PANELS WRITTEN, INCREASE IN EXHIBIT STAFF! NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

“ It is the interactions among people, real objects, phenomena, and ideas that make museum exhibitions unique. Exhibitions are the essence of a museum experience.” Kathleen McLean EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY First two installments opened in June and August This new exhibit series, centered on the idea that photographs are imbued with information, debuted in 2014. Each installment parses a single photo to explain the history and stories behind different components in the image. The first two installments delved into bathyscaphe Trieste’s historic Challenger Deep dive and into the early design and operation of A-class submarines. JAPANESE KAITEN: HUMAN TORPEDO Opened October 15 Our 50-foot kaiten, a manned Japanese torpedo from World War II, is a perennial visitor favorite. This year we added new interpretation that explains the development and use of kaiten during the war. The exhibit is designed not only to share this technical history, but also to remind visitors what it means to offer your life for your country. www.navalunderseamuseum.org


COLLECTIONS & RESEARCH The core asset of any museum is its collection. We derive our identity and products — education programs and exhibits — from our artifacts. In 2014 NUM’s collections department continued its excellence in collections management and research, with achievements like bringing DSRV Mystic to the museum, adding 957 new artifacts to the collection, and revisioning our library holdings. SIGNIFICANT ACQUISITIONS In 2014, we accessioned 957 new items into the collection. The most exciting and visible of these was deep submergence rescue vehicle Mystic (DSRV-1), which came to us in October after two years of planning. Behind the scenes, we were thrilled to acquire a large archival collection of technical DSRV documents to accompany Mystic in her new home! Other notable acquisitions in 2014 included the Master Diver certificate of Carl Brashear, the U.S. Navy’s first African-American and first amputee Master Diver; and a rare set of 92 photographs documenting construction of the Sealab II habitat. NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM 2014 ANNUAL REPORT MORE THAN 40,000 ITEMS IN THE ARTIFACT COLLECTION 957 NEW ITEMS NINE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED RESEARCH QUESTIONS TECHNICAL MANUALS AND REFERENCE BOOKS ADDED TO THE COLLECTION IN 2014 116ANSWERED

“ So few other organizations collect the type of artifacts we do. It’s such a joy to tell a researcher we have the artifact or document he or she couldn’t find anywhere else.” Mary Ryan, Curator A REVISIONED LIBRARY In 2014, we established the Naval Undersea Museum Technical Library to collect technical manuals, rare books, and other technical materials associated with the museum’s technical mission and artifact collection. The transition to this new vision, currently in progress, will be completed in 2015. PRESERVING HISTORY This year we once again had the opportunity to send artifacts for conservation, a process performed by highly trained, highly specialized conservators to stabilize and prolong the lifespan of treated artifacts. Conservator Corine Landrieu, of Landrieu Conservation, completed conservation of an iconic Momsen lung and carried out a first stage treatment of an early Swindell diving helmet. COLLECTIONS OVERSIGHT Much of our collections work occurs out of sight, behind the scenes. Additional projects of note accomplished by our collections management department in 2014 included: • Conducting a 10% artifact inventory in our small artifact and archival storage areas • Managing our active loan program, which currently has 51 artifacts on loan to 31 separate organizations • Updating and revising all of our collections management policies and procedures www.navalunderseamuseum.org

RESEARCH Our curatorial staff fielded over 115 historical and artifact questions in 2014! Like our mission, the inquiries covered a wide range of subject areas. We were pleased to share our knowledge and resources with everyone who contacted us for help, including: • The Australian Navy, requesting information about the Mark 15 torpedo • The Washington State History Museum, seeking provenance and context for artifacts we loaned them for an exhibit • DESCO (Diving Equipment & Supply Company), looking for help in determining the “official” introduction date for the Mark V helmet • Washington State University engineering students, asking for the measurements of the Mark 13 torpedo’s steering rudder for a research project NUM staff also conducts and supports ongoing research into the history, significance, and technology of our artifact collection. In 2014 we took on some particularly interesting projects, such as: • Discovering and documenting the provenance and function of two torpedo dynamo-electric machines in the collection. In the 1880s, these hand-cranked boxes were used to fire torpedoes! • Studying and researching our collection of diving masks to better document their history, significance, design, and use by the Navy. • Assisting a researcher in creating a sophisticated 3D model of the Howell torpedo, the first American torpedo. The model will be used in the future to demonstrate the innovative design features that characterize the Howell. NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

PUBLIC RELATIONS HIGHLIGHTS NEW WEBSITE In October, we launched our new website at www. navalunderseamuseum.org! Content for the site, designed by Jessi Carpenter Design, is entirely new and includes improved information about visiting the museum, more detailed descriptions of museum exhibits and programs, and the ability to submit inquiries and other questions through the site. REGIONAL& LOCAL PRESS Acquisition of DSRV Mystic: • The Seattle Times, Unique Submarine Added to Keyport Naval Museum (10/3/14) • North Kitsap Herald, Mystic Arrives at New Home (10/3/14) • Kitsap Sun, Museum Closing to Bring in New Submersible (9/23/14) • Yakima Herald, Rescue Sub Mystic Joins Keyport Collection (10/4/14) • The Columbian, Unique Sub Added to Naval Museum (10/4/14) NATIONAL AND LOCAL PRESS The Thresher Legacy exhibit opening: • Navy.mil homepage, Navy Undersea Museum Opens USS Thresher Exhibit (12/5/14) • NRNW Public Affairs, Thresher Exhibit Unveiled at Undersea Museum (12/4/14) • Kitsap Sun, Keyport Museum Displays Legacy of Thresher Sinking (11/26/14) Navy STEM Days: • Navy.mil homepage, Naval Undersea Museum Keyport Hosts STEM Events (10/20/14) • NRNW Public Affairs, Fun with STEM: Keyport Undersea Museum (10/20/14) NBC Feature: • NBC King 5’s Evening Magazine filmed a story showcasing NUM and PSNM on February 27 www.navalunderseamuseum.org

NAVY SUPPORT We are pleased to support Navy commands and personnel by hosting Navy-related events at the museum. In 2014, we hosted 22,674 Navy and civilian personnel, a 49% usage increase from 2013, for 265 meetings, retirement ceremonies, Change of Command ceremonies, briefings and trainings, reenlistments, and other special events. Major Navy commands supported included: USS Alabama (SSBN-731) (Blue) Carrier Strike Group Three USS Connecticut (SSN-22) USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN-730) USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) USS Louisiana (SSBN-743) (Gold) USS Maine (SSBN-741) (Blue) and (Gold) Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Bangor USS Michigan (SSGN-727) (Blue) Naval Facilities Engineering Command Northwest Naval Base Kitsap Naval Hospital Bremerton Naval Intermediate Maintenance Facility PNW Naval Operations Support Center Kitsap Naval Reactors Naval Submarine Support Center Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport Navy Region Northwest Navy Reserve USS Nevada (SSBN-733) (Blue) USS Nimitz (CVN-68) Nuclear Weapons Inspection Detachment USS Ohio (SSGN-726) (Blue) and (Gold) USS Pennsylvania (SSBN-735) (Blue) USS Seawolf (SSN-21) Strategic Weapons Facility PNW Submarine Development Squadron Five Submarine Group 9 Submarine Squadron 17 Transient Personnel Unit Puget Sound Trident Training Facility NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

MUSEUM VOLUNTEERS NUM is fortunate to have a dedicated, large volunteer corps. Most of our volunteers are retired veterans or civilians who, to the delight of our visitors, can share stories and expertise with firsthand experience. John Alcantra Libby Anderson Gene Arbogast Sharon Baker Sheri Bandy Dan Batman John Berge Burt Boyd Doris Boyd Carl Callender Joanna Capuano Don Chalupka Delores Contreras Tim Cullen Glen Curtis Cate Devine John Duefrane Jack Ford Olivia Galles Harry Gilger Steve Grether Charles Gundersen Nikki Haas Norm Haas Tom Heman Annemarie Herbert Caroline Hoag Darlene Iskra Phyllis Jelley Joyce Johnson Brian Kenward Bill Lantz Bob Latham George LeCompte David Ledbetter Tom Lee Dick LeVon Ray Long Paul Lucas James Lupo Stan Marks Estelle McNeice Larry Meehan Ryan Moran Ted Newman Victor Nielsen Helene Norman Bob Paul Mike Peterson Jan Pietras Peggy Poole Bill Ridley Trish Ridley Bruce Riggins Nancy Sanders Ellen Schroeder Alice Schultz Carol Sigg Larry Snyder Suzanne St. John Tony Sultan Bill Swope Ruth Sykes Jun Talosig Mary Jo Tharp Bonnie Thomas Don Tjossem Larry Tucker Vivian Tucker Jerry Turner Dorothy Ward Kee Webb Roy Wilson www.navalunderseamuseum.org

NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM STAFF Director Design Manager Exhibit Manager Collections Manager Educator Curator Collections Manager Operations Manager LINDY DOSHER* JARROD GAHR* STEVEN HARVEY* JENNIFER HEINZELMAN** VALERIE JOHNSON MARY RYAN LORRAINE SCOTT** OLIVIA WILSON *Staff shared with the Puget Sound Navy Museum | **Staff job-share in one billet 2014 STAFF AWARDS JENNIFER HEINZELMAN received the Meritorious Civilian Service Award for Collections Management achievements, including arranging the transfer and delivery of DSRV Mystic. JARROD GAHR received an MSO Excellence Medal for designing the new MSO logo. MARY RYAN received an MSO Excellence Medal for writing the 2014 MSO Climate Command Assessment executive summary and plan of action. JENNIFER HEINZELMAN shared an NHHC Team Award with PSNM staff Danelle Eaton, Carolyn Lane, and Kathrine Young for successfully preparing PSNM for AAM accreditation.

2014 ANNUAL REPORT NAVAL UNDERSEA MUSEUM 1 Garnett Way, Keyport, WA www.navalunderseamuseum.org

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