2 BISHOP MACEDO’S MESSAGE I thought of committing suicide... M y mother’s partner, who lived with us, abused her in front of me. He came home drunk late at night and started beating up my mother. Their fights disturbed me and woke me up. He would not stop beating my mother until neighbors came into our house to plead with him to stop. The abuse was so bad that my mother later had a miscarriage. My mother started venting her anger on me. She emotionally abused me and told me that I was useless. That killed my confidence and I had lowself-esteem. This situation was so depressing that Puseletso suicide. thought of committing Everything was sublime, perfect and meant to be eternal. Righteousness harmonized the communion between the Creator, His creation, and nature. However… With the disobedience of man, the kingdom of sin was installed in man’s heart. All sin, however harmless it may seem, is an unrighteous act. I wanted to drink paraffin and then hang myself in my room, but I did not have the courage. Puseletso’s mother was invited to the Universal Church and she attended the services with her. She took part in the meetings for her deliverance from suicidal thoughts and depression. I understood that my mother was going through so much pain and I was able to forgive her. I also realized that killing myself was not the solution to my problems. I trusted God with my family problems and my mother was later able to get out of her abusive relationship. We now live peacefully and happily together. I was also delivered from suicidal thoughts. I regained confidence in myself and I understood my value and purpose to God. How could the Righteous Judge, whose throne is founded upon righteousness and justice, tolerate unrighteousness? Psalm 97.2 The unrighteous were immediately cast from His presence. The kingdom of unrighteousness took the place of the Kingdom of righteousness in man’s heart; The kingdom of darkness took the place of the Kingdom of Light; The kingdom of satan took the place of the Kingdom of God; And the curse took the place of the blessing. And so humanity has come along, since the rebellion of its first parents. The spirit of the curse has passed from father to son, from generation to generation. Copyright @ 2015 HarperCollins Christian Publishing. A MESSAGE Bishop Edir Macedo The curse of a curse curse is a spirit. Like a plague, it does not stop until it finishes destroying its victims. It was born in a place where you would never expect. The Garden of Eden was perfect, a true paradise. There was no hunger, disease, hatred or any evil. Death did not exist. Sin is a curse. The sinner is a slave to the curse. To be set free, the slave has to leave or flee from his oppressor. This is exactly what Abraham did. To free himself from the spirits of curse reigning in his land, his family and his father’s house, Abraham had to abandon everything. He sacrificed his life of sin. He removed himself from the curse to be his own blessing. He separated himself from everyone who could influence him in obeying the Voice of God. What about you, have you run away from the curse of sin? It is impossible to live in sin and be blessed. Siri... say grace.

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