Nuvo by Tonic Studios is all about giving your design projects that perfect finishing touch. With our vast collections of products and your own imagination, you can bring your creative vision to life with a high-quality Nuvo finish. Stamp with our wide array of Embossing Powders, paint with the divine Aqua Flow Pens or embellish with our popular Crystal Drops - each range is home to a palette of handselected colours, versatile effects and endless creative possibilities. The ever-expanding line, drops, mousses, pens and more ensures you are always able to find the ideal Nuvo product to enhance your projects with the finish they deserve. From multimedia to card-making and home decor to fabric crafts, Nuvo will work with you to take your projects to new heights, whatever your design style or medium. This year we introduce you to three incredible trends for the upcoming year. We will present a palette of contemporary themed colours and a selection of products to elevate your projects. Let's meet Nuvo in 2020...


CONTENTS Trend 1: Tropical Paradise Trend 2: White Wonderland Trend 3: Rustic Rose Crystal Drops Crystal Drops Jewel Drops Vintage Drops Dream Drops Stone Drops Glitter Drops Expanding Mousse Embellishment Mousse Embellishment Mousse & Gilding Flakes Glitter Accents Glacier Paste Embossing Powders 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 Stamp Cleaning Pad & Solution Large Hybrid Ink Pads Diamond Hybrid Ink Pads Mica Mist Sparkle Spray Shimmer Powder Watercolour Pencil Marker Pen Collection Aqua Flow Aqua Shimmer Glitter Markers Glue Pens, Deluxe Adhesive & Tape Runners 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 Tools 62 Luxury Storage Product Storage 66 68

TROPICAL PARADISE 88n Tropical Paradise AVAILABLE FROM FEBRUARY 2020 1709n Cactus Green 1790n Lemon Twist 1319n Emerald Isle 1288n Berry Burst 775n Sugar Plum 6

TREND 1 - TROPICAL PARADISE 307n Pure Sheen Glitter 1221n Sunray Crosette 1907n 577n Pampas Grass 1906n Mambo Melon Pineapple Delight 194n Wild Mulberry 620n Strawberry Slush 593n Glimmering Green Look out for complimentary card stock from

WHITE WONDERLAND 838n Polar Wind AVAILABLE FROM JUNE 2020 839n Snow Storm 1710n Iced Aqua 89n Principle Inks 636n Iceberg Blue 1791n Frosted Lake 1289n Morning Fog 1809n Blue Ice 8

195n Arctic Blast TREND 2 - WHITE WONDERLAND 1670n Peacock Plume 1909n Iron Frost 1908n Winter White 308n Pure Sheen Glitter 592n 621n Snow Crystal Twinkling Tinsel Look out for complimentary card stock from

RUSTIC ROSE 637n Peach Sorbet 1810n Heritage Rose AVAILABLE FROM SEPTEMBER 2020 1290n Rosedbud Pink 1792n Enchanted Elixir 90n Rustic Rose 622n Pearled Pistachio 591n Pearl Luster 1711n Natural Cotton 10

TREND 3 - RUSTIC ROSE 309n Pure Sheen Glitter 1222n Jade Fountain 196n Peppermint Cream 1671n Wispy Willow 578n Aspen Gold Look out for complimentary card stock from

CRYSTAL DROPS CRYSTAL DROPS Nuvo Crystal Drops add eye-catching three-dimensional embellishments quickly and easily to your craft projects. With thirty nine colours in the range, you’ll never be short of choice to match any colour palette. Whether you’re using them to write, stencil or freehand, putting the finishing touches on your design has never been simpler. Their self-levelling formula ensures rounded dots that keep their shape and stick to a variety of mediums. Use the drops on non-stick sheets or glass to remove and keep for another day. 30ml/1fl.oz bottle, available in 39 colours. 12

1802n Mustard Gold 1803n Soft Mint 1804n Dirty Bronze 1806n Shimmering Rose 1807n Berry Blue 1808n Blushing Red

CRYSTAL DROPS 650n 651n Ebony Black Gloss White 652n Buttermilk 653n Metallic Bright Gold 654n 655n Copper Penny Metallic Silver Lining 656n Antique Rose 657n Raspberry Pink 658n 659n Wisteria Pink Navy Blue 660n Wedgewood Blue 661n Neptune Turquoise 662n 663n Crushed Grape Woodland Green 664n Midnight Blue 665n Ripened Pumpkin 666n 667n Carnation Pink Red Berry 668n Sweet Lilac 669n Apple Green 14

Dries Clear 670n 672n Caribbean Ocean Bubble-gum Blush 673n Dandelion Yellow 674n 675n Liquid Mercury Ivory Seashell 676n Pale Gold 677n Morning Dew 678n 679n Violet Galaxy Rhubarb Crumble 680n Duck Egg Blue 682n Bottle Green 683n 686n Autumn Red Auburn Pearl 687n Plum Pudding 688n Olive Branch 689n 690n Moroccan Red Party Pink 691n Double Denim 692n Caramel Cream

JEWEL DROPS 639n Cocoa Blush 641n Aqua Plains 645n Key Lime JEWEL DROPS The fantastic Nuvo Jewel Drops create a self-levelling embellishment with a translucent finish. The twelve subdued shades provide a softer touch to your design which can be used in combination with various card stocks to create unique effects. The Nuvo Jewel Drop formula dries hard, making them a superb choice for use in a number of projects, from papercraft to home decor. 16 30ml/1fl.oz bottle, available in 12 colours.

638n 643n Honeysuckle Strawberry Coulis 640n 646n Steel Blue Sea Breeze 642n 647n Orange Marmalade Rose Water 648n 649n Grey Mist Pale Periwinkle 644n Limoncello

VINTAGE DROPS 1300n Chocolate Chip VINTAGE DROPS 1301n Saddle Bag 1302n Earl Grey 1303n Postbox Red The Nuvo Vintage Drops are the embellishment you love with a gorgeous new matt effect for your cards and projects. Available in a range of colours in an exclusive bottle design, the unique palette features muted shades to give you subtle details and a perfect vintage finish. 30ml/1fl.oz bottle, available in 16 colours. 1304n Bonnie Blue 1305n Pioneer Green 1306n Bohemian Teal 1307n Dusty Rose 18

1309n Yellow Brick Road 1310n Regenecy Green 1312n Pumice Stone 1313n Black Board 1314n Worm Navy 1315n Purple Basil 1316n Peachy Keen 1317n Chalk Stick

DREAM DROPS DREAM DROPS Dream Drops are the latest collection in the Nuvo Range. Perfect for creating self-levelling embellishments with a highly iridescent rainbow finish. The six gorgeous shades provide an added luxury to your designs, showing off unique colours as they reflect light from different angles. The Dream Drops are packed in an exclusive new larger bottle design, giving you more material to add to your cards and projects, from papercraft to home decor. 40ml/1.4fl.oz bottle, available in 6 colours. 20

1793n Gold Luxe 1794n Cloud 9 1795n Dragon Scales 1796n 1797n Indigo Eclipse Fairy Wings 1798n Love Potion


STONE DROPS 1292n Boulder Grey 1293n Gold Rush 1294n Pink Granite 1295n Belgium Bluestone Get rustic with the Nuvo Stone Drops, uniquely designed to create the self levelling drop with a rough stone-like finish. The Drops feature a distinctive rounded bottle design and larger nozzle to allow the specially produced formula to flow perfectly. The granules will rise to the surface as the drop dries adding texture to your craft project. The colours come with either a metallic or gloss base giving you a wide variety of styles to start experimenting with. 30ml/1fl.oz bottle, available in 8 colours. 1296n Chalk White 1297n Lady Liberty 1298n Fiery Volcano 1299n Plum Slate

GLITTER DROPS The Nuvo Glitter Drops range contains twenty beautiful colours which are ideal for adding some extra sparkle to your projects. Drying in a rounded 3D shape, the Glitter Drops allow you to create and finish your designs with delightfully rounded beads, featuring a little added glamour. For even more creative possibilities, the Glitter Drops can used to draw swirls, strips and other decorative shapes. 30ml/1fl.oz bottle, available in 20 colours. 24 GLITTER DROPS

752n 753n Ruby Slippers Blue Lagoon 754n Sherbet Shimmer 755n Night Sky 756n 757n Silver Moondust Golden Sunset 758n White Blizzard 759n Dazzling Blue 761n 762n Orange Soda Honey Gold 763n Sunlit Meadow 764n Chocolate Fondue 765n 767n Aquatic Mist Lilac Whisper 768n Holiday Cheer 769n Yellow Bird 770n 771n Gold Coast Summer Sunrise 772n Enchanting Pink 774n Silver Crystals

EXPANDING MOUSSE The Nuvo Expanding Mousse is perfect for adding unique textured details to your mixed media cards and projects. Available in eight metallic colours, each provides a lustrous shine thanks to the highly-pigmented mica powder. It can be used as a normal embellishment mousse with or without a stencil, but when heat is added the mousse expands and is covered with a bubbling texture. 62.5g/2.2oz pots, available in 8 colours. STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 26 EXPANDING MOUSSE

P e 1 802n 803n Indian Gold Pure Platinum 804n Mother Of Pearl 807n Aquamarine 28 EMBELLISHMENT MOUSSE a 8 P e B 0 l l 0 i y u n L n 8 e n o 0 c u i r L l n e a B k w v r e d f n n d w r e o o r P C 8 8 2 0 0 6 n n e o l

EMBELLISHMENT MOUSSE The Nuvo Embellishment Mousse is perfect for highlighting your artwork with smooth metallic details, provided by the highly-pigmented mica powder. Ideal for use with or without stencils, the Embellishment Mousse adds a unique lustrous shine to your papercraft projects and beyond. This versatile mousse is perfect for gilding your designs or using as a stencil paste. For even more brilliant effects, try watering it down for painting and spritzing. 62.5g/2.2oz pots, available in 25 colours. 808n 809n Spring Green Fresh Copper 810n Cosmic Brown 811n Black Ash 815n Gunmetal Grey

EMBELLISHMENT MOUSSE 816n 817n Old Navy Seaspray Green 819n Coral Calypso 821n Royal Aubergine 822n 826n Pacific Teal French Rose 827n Custard Cream 828n Coastal Surf 831n 832n Chai Latte Forest green 834n Poppy Pink 836n Fusion Red 30

851n Silver Bullion GILDING FLAKES The three metallic colours of Nuvo Gilding Flakes are sure to add some extra sparkle to your designs! For decorative borders or covering larger areas, these flakes are easy to use and perfect for making your designs stand out. Combine with the Nuvo Glue Pens and brush away the excess to create detailed, elegant designs. 200ml/6.8fl.oz pots, available in 3 colours. 852n Sunkissed Copper 850n Radiant Gold


GLITTER ACCENTS The Glitter Accents enable you to create a three-dimensional glitter effect on any project with this shimmering adhesive, perfect for decorating, papercraft and mixed media projects. As an alternative to Glitter Drops, the Accents allow you to decorate with a textured finish instead of a self-levelling dome. Use Fresh Snowfall to create beautiful snow textures, or use the other festive colours to create a number of effects. For something different, spread the product out thinly across a large area to produce a textured glitter backdrop. 50ml/1.7fl.oz bottle, available in 9 colours. 937n 938n Candy Kisses Ballroom Blue 941n Atlantic Drift 942n Harvest Moon 943n Winter Cranberry 944n 945n Seasonal Pine Silver Jubilee 946n Aztec Gold 948n Fresh Snowfall

1900n Golden Era 1901n Haute Red 1904n Sea Sprite GLACIER PASTE 34

GLACIER PASTE Glam things up a notch and give your craft extra shine with our Nuvo Glacier Paste - use in combination with any stencil to create dimensional designs or bring texture and sparkle to larger areas and projects. Alternatively rub into the surface using your finger, a dauber or brush to create a translucent shimmering finish. Available in multiple light-catching shades this metallic paste is easy to apply and packed with reflective mica flakes, giving your project that extra bit of dazzle. The pastes are beautifully effective on a variety of materials, including fabric, acetate, glass and wood. This product is ideal for papercraft and other mediums. 50ml/1.7fl.oz bottle, available in 6 colours. 1902n 1905n Green Envy Frostbite 1903n Quicksilver

605n 616n Ballerina Pink Turquoise Lagoon 607n Soft Lilac EMBOSSING POWDERS The Nuvo Embossing Powders are a simple way of adding depth to your projects, taking them to the next level with a glossy dimensional finish. The range includes four textured glitters and fourteen fantastic colours, with 22ml inside each pot. The popular Gold and Silver powders create a highly metallic gilded effect, and the Clear Powder finishes your design with glossy, transparent details. Use a stamp with ink, apply the embossing powder and once dry, apply heat and create beautiful 3D effects. 22ml/0.7fl.oz bottle, available in 20 colours. 36 600n Classic Gold 601n Classic Silver EMBOSSING POWDERS

602n 603n Glacier White Crystal Clear 604n Jet Black 606n 611n Serenity Blue Crimson Gloss 612n Hot Chocolate 613n Copper Blush 614n 615n Crushed Mulberry Duchess Blue 617n Golden Sunflower 619n Sportscar Red 596n 597n Gold Enchantment Silver Moonlight 598n Glitter Noir 599n Shimmering Pearl Dries Clear

STAMP CLEANING PAD & SOLUTION 973n Stamp Cleaning Pad 38

103n Clear Mark Embossing Pen 101n Clear Mark Embossing Pad STAMP CLEANING PAD & SOLUTION The essential Nuvo Stamp Cleaning Solution and Stamp Cleaning Pad cleans a variety of inks including pigment, hybrid and dye-based inks. The simple to use pad and all-purpose cleaner are safe and reliable on both rubber-based and clear stamps. The solution comes in an easy to use spray bottle for total cleaning of all grooves and details in deeply etched stamps, making it ideal to use with the synthetic bristle block of our Nuvo Stamp Cleaning Pad. Stamp Cleaning Solution available in a 60ml/2fl.oz bottle. CLEAR MARK EMBOSSING PAD & PEN The Clear Mark Embossing Pad can be used with Embossing Powder to make three-dimensional images or use on coloured paper or card for a watermarked effect. Evenly apply pad to a clean stamp and press on the desired surface. 974n Stamp Cleaning Solution Additionally, use the fine bullet tip of the Clear Mark Embossing Pen on coloured card to create beautiful freehand watermark images or lettering.

LARGE HYBRID INK PAD These hybrid ink pads are ideal for stamping and can be used with both water-based and alcohol pens, with the high quality felt pad containing highly pigmented colours to give you a perfect image every time. These permanent fast drying inks are waterproof and smudge proof, making them ideal for colouring with the Nuvo Alcohol Marker Pens. For a multimedia effect, you can also heat set stamped images onto glossy surfaces and fabrics. Available in 6 colours. 40 LARGE HYBRID INK PADS

210n Black Shadow 211n Metro Grey 212n Empire Blue 213n Acorn Brown 214n Poppy Red 215n Safari Green

80n Tropical Fruits 82n Sunset Serenade 83n Rose Garden 85n Woodland Walk DIAMOND HYBRID INK PADS 42 DIAMOND HYBRID INK PADS

87n Merry & Bright 84n Dream in Colour 86n Blue Blossom 81n Sea Siren Hybrid ink pads compliment a variety of crafting projects. Each set of petite diamond pads contain three beautiful colours which make them ideal for stamping and layering. The high quality felt pad contains highly pigmented colours, ensuring you have a perfect image every time! The permanent, fast drying inks are waterproof and smudge proof, making them the perfect partner to your Nuvo Alcohol Marker Pens or Aqua Flow water-based pens. Available in 8 packs of 3 colours.

574n Fresh Pear 573n Turkish Rose 565n Pecan Peach 564n 567n Oriental Fuchsia Pink Carnation 568n Midnight Horizon 569n Beryl Swirl 44 MICA MIST

566n Wild Olive MICA MIST The Nuvo Mica Mist sprays are ideal for adding that shimmering sparkle to your creative project. The uniquely engineered solution contains mica powder and a coloured pigment which adheres to the surface, allowing you to add multiple layers. Spray directly onto light or dark card, through a stencil or over an existing embellishment to produce a beautiful lustre effect. You can also remove the nozzle and paint the solution directly onto a porous surface, creating a more vivid sheen. 80ml/2.7fl.oz bottle, available in 13 colours. 570n 571n Crimson Velvet Antique Gold 572n Silver Smoke 575n Violet Lustre 576n Nebula Blue

1663n 1665n Morning Fog 46 Cocoa Powder 1660n Blush Burst 1662n Lavender Lining SPARKLE SPRAY

SPARKLE SPRAY Nuvo Sparkle Spray is the perfect product for creating background and sparkling finishes. The formula contains ultra-fine silver glitter particles that create a glittering varnish finish which can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, fabric, cardboard, paper, and polystyrene. The charming bottle sits beautifully in your hand for easy usage, while the fine nozzle and ball bearing keep the spray fresh and sparkling. 30ml/1fl.oz bottle, available in 6 colours. 1664n 1661n Apple Spritzer Marine Mist

SHIMMER POWDER 1212n Violet Brocade 1211n Storm Cloud 1209n Cherry Bomb 1208n Blue Blitz 48

SHIMMER POWDER Nuvo Shimmer Powders are a unique combination of shimmering mica powder and a vibrant dry pigment. Lightly tap the powder over your desired surface, use the Light Mist Spray Bottle to add water and then watch the colour infuse. You can also mix the powder straight with water and brush to produce a sparkling metallic water based paint. Create beautiful backgrounds, unique textures and marble effects with dazzling colour combinations. 20ml/0.68fl.oz bottle, available in 13 colours. 1210n 1213n Solar Flare Atlantis Burst 1214n Green Parade 1215n 1216n Catherine Wheel Lilac Waterfall 1217n Falling Leaves 1218n 1219n Golden Sparkler Meteorite Shower 1220n Lunar Rocket

WATERCOLOUR PENCILS 520n Brilliantly Vibrant 521n Hair & Skin Tones 524n Dark Shadows 523n 522n Pastel Highlights 50 Elementary Midtones WATERCOLOUR PENCILS

Nuvo Watercolour Pencils add a smooth watercolour effect with a variety of different techniques. The pencils can be mixed with water to blend, layer and combine illustrative elements in a range of tones and shades. With a soft, highly pigmented core, the bold and vivid colours ensure your designs always stand out. The pencils can be used over a large surface area to create beautiful washes or subtle backgrounds. For even more versatility, the lead is non-permanent so the colours can be reworked again after drying. Available in 5 different colour palettes, each containing 12 pencils.

MARKER PEN COLLECTION The alcohol-based Nuvo Marker Pens come in sixty-three brilliantly vibrant colours and three water-based metallic options. The pens are ideal for blending with similar shades, or use alongside the Blender Pen to create gradients and other stunning effects. The dual-tip of each pen contains both a fine detail and a chisel nib, making them a superb option for colouring stamped images. The tapered body ensures a comfortable hold with either the thick or thin end, allowing you to use with optimum creative results. Available in 72 colours, 24 packs of 3 pens. 322n 323n Coral Reef Pink Grapefruit, Tiger Lily & Plum Tomato Apricot Ombre Ginger Peach, Cantaloupe & Fruit Punch 324n Honey Amber Hay Bale, Butterscotch & Shorthorn Brown 325n Irish Clover Persian Lime, Pea Pod & Vine Leaf 326n 327n Aquamarine Aqua Spray, Tropical Ocean & Tuscan Teal Indigo Ink Blueprint, Ultramarine & French Navy 328n Palma Violets Lavender Sky, Wild Iris & Blueberry Muffin 329n Cookies & Cream Garlic Clove, Brown Sugar & Coconut Shell 52 PENS

330n 331n Pebble Beach Soft Taupe, Stonehenge & Ancient Fossil Hazy Mauves Violet Breeze, Wild Thistle & Lilac Grey 332n Organic Greens Desert Sage, White Grape & Wild Wood Moss 333n Flamingo Pinks Sweet Blossom, Pink Taffy & Dragon Fruit 334n 310n Emerald Seas Pillow Mint, Natural Patina & Tuscan Teal Rich Reds Fresh Watermelon, Strawberry Jam & Black Cherry 311n Fragrant Oranges Honeycomb, Butternut Squash & Spiced Orange 312n Sunshine Yellows Lemon Drops, Bright Sunflower & Indian Saffron 313n 314n Woodland Greens Bamboo Leaf, Pine Grove & Hunter Green Marina Blues Skylight Blue, Forget-me-not Blue & Baritone Blue 315n Royal Purples Spring Lilac, Sugar Plum & Blackcurrant Tart 316n Rosy Pinks Delicate Rose, Pink Lady & Paradise Pink 317n 318n Natural Browns Hazelnut Truffle, Vintage Walnut & Rich Mahogany Fair Skin Tones Sweet Vanilla, Apricot Blush & Sand Castle 319n Stormy Greys Turtle Dove, Dark Slate & Black Smoke 320n Depth & Shadow Pitch Black, Feather Grey & Blending Pen

AQUA FLOW The Aqua Flow Pens are uniquely designed to create vibrant watercolour effects without the mess or hassle. These highly pigmented water-based pens complete your designs with a bright and colourful finish. The watercolour brush nib is perfectly formed and smooth to use, making this incredibly versatile pen perfect for adding small detail or colour washing larger areas. Each pen has a reservoir complete with a non-drip valve, so simply adjust the pressure to control the amount of liquid released. Available in 36 colours, 12 packs of 3 pens. 890n 891n Autumn Woodland Spiced Ginger Rustic Oak Evergreen Fern Winter Skies Indigo Dawn Azure Blue Obsidian Black 892n 893n Summer Holiday Red Apple Lemon Zest Aqua Splash 54 Spring Meadow Lilac Blossom Fresh Green Soft Rose PENS

894n 895n Arabian Nights French Wine Wild Phlox Cinnamon Stick Festive Season Matador Red Pressed Olive Baked Cherry 896n Surprise Party Mango Mimosa Flamingo Pink Indigo Batik 897n Ocean Air Clear Water Vanilla Sundae True Turquoise 868n 869n Dream in Colour Just Peachy Sweet Pea Hawaiian Orchid Woodland Walk Sliced Kiwi Yellow Ochre Caramel Pecan 896n Blue Blossom Pink Lemonade Cameo Pink Blue Velvet 897n Merry & Bright Grenadine Red Tomato Juice Empress Teal

AQUA SHIMMER The Nuvo Aqua Shimmer Pens are superb companions to the Aqua Flow range. The versatility of the brush nib is ideal for adding small glittering details or large shimmering areas to your designs in both glittering silver and subtle gold. By combining with the Aqua Flow Pens, you can bring your vivid watercolour pictures to life with a little extra glamour. Each pen has a reservoir complete with a non-drip valve, so simply adjust the pressure to control the amount of liquid released. 888n Glitter Gloss (Contains 2 pens) 881n Midas Touch (Contains 1 pen) 878n Blush Rosette (Contains 1 pen) 56 PENS

883n 879n Precious Metals (Contains 3 pens) Opal Quartz (Contains 1 pen) 880n Sunlit Sienna (Contains 1 pen)

GLITTER MARKERS The Nuvo Glitter Marker Pens are the best way to add shimmering highlights to your artwork in fifteen beautiful colours. The water-based pens have a broad nib making the pen smooth, sturdy and easy to use. Blend alongside the Nuvo Water Brush Pen to create glittering backdrops and sparkling gradients for a stand-out finish to your work. Available in 18 colours, 6 packs of 3 pens. Colours are also available in single packs. 167n Moroccan Sunset 191n Sweet Apricot 192n Pressed Peony 193n Fired Brick 168n Sugar Rush 185n Strawberry Bonbon 186n Athenian Blue 187n Wild Lavender 58 PENS

169n 170n Tropical Rainforest 188n Urban Graphite 189n Morning Moss 190n Iced Americano Ember Glow 176n Blushing Carmine 177n Golden Ochre 178n Crushed Papaya 171n 172n Northern Lights 179n Raspberry Tart 180n Venetian Jade 181n Purple Passion Midnight Shadows 182n Blue Bliss 183n Silver Mist 184n Imperial Blue

DELUXE ADHESIVE 199n Adhesive Tape Runner (Maxi) 198n Adhesive Tape Runner (Mini) 200n Deluxe Adhesive 206n Smooth Precision Glue Pen 203n Medium Glue Pen 204n Large Glue Pen 60

DELUXE ADHESIVE The Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive is a water-based clear drying glue that works on multiple surfaces such as paper, card, foam, acetate and MDF. The 60ml bottle and nozzle are engineered to sit perfectly in your hand, giving you a comfortable and controlled application. The nozzle is precise enough for fine detail while being durable enough for larger surface areas. The easy application of this craft essential makes it a must for beginners and experienced crafters alike. 60ml/2fl.oz bottle. GLUE PENS The unique nibs of the Nuvo Glue Pens drift across projects to add rich detail. The glue pens dry clear for a perfect finish every time. The Smooth Precision pen works effortlessly with detailed projects and die-cut shapes which need a little extra care. The medium and large tip pens in the range feature a thick fibre nib to cover greater areas with ease. To add more glue, simply push down on the nib to refill. They are also ideal for use with our Nuvo Glitters and Gilding Flakes. Available in Medium, Large & Smooth Precision. TAPE RUNNERS The Nuvo Adhesive Tape Runners are smooth running glue rollers available in a solid or dotted finish that work on multiple surfaces and give you a permanent hold on card or paper. The engineered applicator is designed to glide across surfaces while the ergonomic barrel sits perfectly in your hand and gives you a comfortable and controlled application, making the Adhesive Tape Runners a must have craft item. Available in Mini and Maxi.

969n Masking Fluid (45ml/ 1.5fl.oz bottle) 968n Stencil Brushes Available in a set of 4 (Only available in the US) (50ml/ 1.7oz bottle) 947n Crystal Glaze 62 TOOLS

966n Blending Dauber Pads (Available in a set of 20) 971n Blending Daubers (Available in a set of 3) 975n Blending Sponge (Available in a pack of 4) 978n Craft Spoon

976n Surface Sweep 965n Glitter Mister 984n Dual Tipped Blender Brush (Available in a pack of 2) 970n Blender Brushes (Available in a pack of 3) 64 TOOLS

972n 889n Nylon Brushes (Available in a set of 12) Aqua Flow Water Brushes (Available in a set of 2) 985n Easy Clean Mat 849n Light Mist Spray Bottle Available in a pack of 2 977n Media Spatulas Available in a pack of 2

1978n Crafters Backpack Belvedere Black 1987n Accordion Storage Box Belvedere Black 1986n Available in Balmoral Blue 1977n Available in Balmoral Blue NUVO LUXURY STORAGE Craft on the go with the stylish Nuvo Luxury Storage solutions! Brand new to the range is the Crafter’s Backpack and Accordion Storage Box. Both available in Belvedere Black and Balmoral Blue each bag features an exclusive Nuvo key chain. Uniquely designed to sit perfectly on top of the roller bag - making them even easier to transport. The Crafter’s Backpack is perfect as a personal bag or extra craft storage, with handy compartments for securely storing your daily essentials. Meanwhile, the Accordion Storage box with staggered fold away compartments is perfect for storing all your crafting knick nacks, whether at home or on the go. 66 LUXURY STORAGE

The original spacious Handbag & Roller is now available in Belvedere Black and Balmoral Blue. The roller contains a variety of compartments to securely place your crafting essentials.The telescopic handle and sturdy caster wheels make it easily transportable. The handbag is the perfect partner to the roller as a personal bag or extra craft storage and features an exclusive Nuvo key chain. Designed to sit perfectly on top of each other for ease of use. 1997n Handbag & Roller Set Balmoral Blue 1998n Available in Belvedere Black

STORAGE DROP STACKABLE STORAGE Introducing the brand new Nuvo Drop Stackable Storage system. Stylish and practical in design this functional storage solution will organise all your favourite Nuvo drops. Designed to hold both large and small bottles upside down, allowing the fluid gather at the top of the bottle making it even easier to apply drops to any project. Produced from clear acrylic and beautifully etched, this sturdy, stylish box with its ability to stack to create a tiered stadium effect, a must have storage item for all crafters in 2020. 68

ACRYLIC PEN STAND The Nuvo Acrylic Stand stores your Nuvo Pen Collection in a modern and contemporary way with its clear panels and beautifully etched logo. The functional stand stores your favourite pens and houses them in a unique eye-catching design which would compliment any creative desk space. 981n Nuvo Acrylic Pen Stand

Tonic Studios UK PO Box 302 Bridgend CF31 9HZ Tonic Studios USA 1101 S Acacia Avenue Ripon, CA 95366 Find us on social media @tonicstudios www.tonic-studios.co.uk

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