TOLEDO STREETS NEW SP APER 3 4 4 6 7 P 8 The Wildwood Story Photos courtesy of Metroparks Toledo Mina and Omara from Mina Makes Some Good Trouble P 9 11 9 13 The Tulsa Massacre P 11 8 Social justice Ed Conn shares his baby steps into social justice activism. Looking at Bias in the Mirror Connie Huss-Boyle shares her personal story of unconscious bias. Who are Today's Change makers? Student founders of Teens Against Racial Injustices help identify today's change makers. What is Causing the Violence against the Asian American Community? Ed Conn explores the root causes of violence against Asian Americans, which traces back to the 1800s. Socal Justice Reading Franco Vitella of Toledo Lucas County Public Library shares 5 book titles on social justice. Land as Good as Gold: The Wildwood Story Scott Carpenter, Director of Public Relations of Metroparks Toledo, weaves the fascinating tale on how the country estate of Champion Spark Plug cofounder, R.A. Stranahan, became a public park. Good Trouble as a Strategy for Addressing injustices Ed Conn interviews Lorna Gonsalves who has drafted a children's book on social justice called: Mina Makes Some Good Trouble. A Warning from History Steven MacKenzie interviews historian Scott Ellsworth about the events that destroyed a vibrant black community in Tulsa. Director's Desk Arika Michaelis, Executive Director of Toledo Streets, thanks the generous supporters who continue to believe in the TSN mission. Page 2

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