Director's Desk THANK YOU, TOLEDO, FOR YOUR SUPPORT By Arika Michaelis As things are starting to warm up and open up, including the Toledo Streets offi ce, I fi nd myself in a bit of a paradox. On one hand, through the pandemic the only constant has been uncertainty. So, as everything opens up, I remain concerned for TSN vendors’ health and safety. On the other hand, I am absolutely thrilled people are back downtown for larger events and to enjoy all the wonderful local spots. As a result, TSN vendors are becoming more invigorated to be out selling papers knowing their sales and profi ts will be ramping up. Vendors are visiting the offi ce more frequently as the colder weather is breaking. It seems, whether we’re ready or not, life is carrying on. So shall Toledo Streets Newspaper. In a typical fashion, the warmer weather has brought back some Toledo Streets vendors from their winter safe havens. Just yesterday Elizebeth, a TSN vendor, came in and proclaimed she had already sold eight papers since coming back a few hours prior. She immediately bought more papers to go back out to sell. The warm weather has continued to encourage TSN vendor Glen, as he sells his papers at Bike Night at Wesley’s on Adams to regulars he met last summer. Lastly, I continue to be amazed by the generous support from our Toledo Streets Newspaper community. The last year has certainly been one for the books and all the while our community has shown up for our vendors and the organization. I am seriously looking forward to being able to gather as a great, big community in the new Toledo Streets offi ce in the not-sodistant future. Until then, if you want to stop by and say hi to our vendors and see the new space, please do! Our offi ce hours are still a bit limited as we transition to reopening to a larger capacity, but we welcome all of our TSN family to come down and hangout with us. Thank you for your continued support of our vendors as we navigate through this new normal together. See you soon! IN LOVING MEMORY - JAMES I AM INCLUDING A ONE-TIME DONATION OF: � $1000 COVERS COST OF PRINTING ONE MONTH OF TOLEDO STREETS NEWSPAPER � $500 ELIMINATES BARRIERS TO EMPLOYMENT BY PROVIDING ALL NEW VENDORS WITH VESTS, SIGNS AND BADGES � $250 SUPPORTS TOLEDO STREETS EMPLOY VENDORS’ CREATIVITY IN STORY-TELLING, POETRY, PHOTOGRAPHY AND MORE � $100 � $50 PROVIDES ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES SUCH AS SOCKS, HATS, HAND-WARMERS AND PONCHOS TO TSN VENDORS SETS 20 NEW VENDORS UP FOR SUCCESS AFTER ORIENTATION BY PROVIDING THEM WITH 10 FREE PAPERS EACH � $______ A GIFT AT ANY LEVEL MAKES A DIFFERENCE NAME ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________ CITY _______________________________ STATE _______ZIP________________ TELEPHONE ____________________________ EMAIL_____________ � I AM INTERESTED IN RECEIVING EMAIL NEWSLETTERS FROM TOLEDO STREETS NEWSPAPER � I WOULD LIKE TO BE CONTACTED ABOUT HOW MY COMPANY/ORGANIZATION CAN SUPPORT TOLEDO STREETS NEWSPAPER TOLEDO STREETS NEWSPAPER CREATES INCOME OPPORTUNITIES FOR PEOPLE EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS AND POVERTY BY PRODUCING A NEWSPAPER AND OTHER MEDIA THAT ARE CATALYSTS FOR INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL CHANGE Page 13

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