TOLEDO STREETS NEW SP APER 3 4 4 5 P 9 YAAW 7 6 Where is your happy place? Walking the “in town” alleys of Perrysburg. Dean Kasperzak P 4 8 Cover Art: Jess Telmanik is a multidisciplinary designer who believes in the healing power of creativity. A mental health warrior and constantly evolving human being, she seeks to inspire others that it’s never too late to fi nd a voice and catch a vision. Her innovative outlook and passion for digital and traditional illustration shines through her vibrant artwork that serves as a reminder that it’s okay to be human. Her happy place is anywhere near water (pond, lake, waterfall, ocean). "Calms my soul to the core." 9 11 12 13 Page 2 Director's Desk Positivity and Hope I fi rmly believe that in any situation we have a choice to seek to fi nd the positive or the negative, writes Claire McKenna, Vendor Manager. Where is Your Happy Place in NW Ohio? Art Director Ed Conn put the question out to local community members: Where is your happy place? Oak Openings Scout Trail The echo of pileated woodpeckers knocking on hollow trees, the sight of a dozen deer leaping over fallen trees, the symphony of early spring frogs preparing for mating season – these can all be experienced in a walk along the Oak Openings Scout Trail. Discover New Practices: Exercises for a Better You 3 excellent exercises from the Greater Good Science Center. World Happiness Report Finland again the happiest place on Earth. Need a Dose of Positivity? Look No Further Than These Books at the Library It might be hard to stay positive with, you know…everything. But hope and optimism are what drives the human spirit. Individuals at Sunshine Live Life Positively Sunshine has touched so many lives through residential, vocational, supported employment and therapeutic programs. Young Artists at Work + Positivity = YAAWSITIVITY Every industry had to innovate to meet the safety guidelines. That’s what artists do—get creative. A Shot in the Arm for Homeless San Franciscans? Holistic Hands Wellness Gallery So how does one connect with a sense of positivity and hope while chaotically fl ailing about in a sea of overwhelm?

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