Holistic Hands Wellness Gallery Rebecca Przybylski, MDiv., Integral Associate Coach™ Core Member and Practitioner with HHWG Around the world over the last 12 months we have all been through an extraordinarily disruptive season. From youngest to oldest, it seems no one has been able to escape the interference of the global pandemic. Countless changes, transitions, and layer upon layer of losses have ceaselessly bombarded us for over a year now. So how does one connect with a sense of positivity and hope while chaotically flailing about in a sea of overwhelm?? I have certainly been doing my best to navigate this tumultuous time and sometimes it does feel like I’m sinking under the weight of it all. In addition to my own wellness I am also trying to help my children and some others find a sense of ground when almost everything feels shaky and uncertain. To say that it has been a struggle is an understatement. Recently, while I was reflecting on my own experience over the last year I landed on a metaphor that I have since shared with a handful of friends. Living through this last year has been like riding in the back seat Page 12 With so much in flux, there has been one consistently bright spot for me over the last year. I have found a place to fan my waning positivity flame over at Holistic Hands Wellness Gallery. The folks who serve in this nonprofit offer an amazing array of services, many of with a really bad driver who rapidly slams down the gas and then quickly jumps on the brakes, leaving you lurching back and forth, repeatedly whiplashed. Never quite sure when the next lurch is coming, you inevitably begin to brace yourself and hold on tight in anticipation for the next jolt. And after such a prolonged season of bracing and tensing, you come to experience a profound weariness, an exhaustion penetrating the body, mind and soul. In our weary and exhausted state, what can we do to nurture our overall wellness and find a way to reconnect to a spirit of positivity?? Finding times and ways to gently nurture yourself can be a doorway into a more positive mindset. However, sometimes we really do need help from others. And honestly, in such a depleted state it can be a challenge to even know where to begin looking for help these days. Many don’t have the means or insurance to pay for the help they desperately need or want. which have helped me to personally find a way into greater health, healing, and hope during this last year. With services offered both online and in person I have been able to access exactly what I have needed. Holistic Hands opened its doors over on 2086 Brookdale Rd. in 2020. That means it’s pretty likely that most people around Toledo don’t yet know about the diverse services being offered by the team. So, let me give you a peek. Some of our offerings include: craniosacral therapy, crystal bowl sound baths and crystal bowl sound therapy, massage therapy, reiki, personal training, yoga, zumba and other group fitness classes. Additionally, we have an integrative health practitioner and dietician who can run lab work for you. We also have practitioners who offer transformational life coaching, meditation classes, listening groups, retreats, various pop-up workshops, and team building experiences. Holistic Hands Wellness Gallery, Inc. is a nonprofit community-building organization that can easily and comfortably be a home base for anyone in any religion, belief system, background, ethnicity or non-religion. Holistic Hands is located on the edge of the UT campus and focuses on providing opportunities for holistic wellness to the University of Toledo and surrounding community. Holistic Hands encourages, supports, nourishes and works with its community members to find harmony in mind, body, and soul. We recognize a growing need for assistance with mental health and wellness, and we strive to serve those in need by providing safe outlets and therapies, as well as opportunities for artistic expression. Our goal is to make healing and wellness opportunities available and affordable to anyone. We provide a sliding fee scale and financial assistance for services if needed. Holistic Hands is family friendly, and will offer wellness opportunities to people of all ages. For those who are unable to find a quiet space at home we want you to take advantage of our outdoor green spaces, mown labyrinth, swings, or to simply come and decompress in the lobby with a coloring sheet before returning to school or home. Holistic Hands is committed to adapting services as the needs of the community grow and change. Check out our website www. HolisiticHandsWellnessGallery.org to access a full list of our offerings and services, or give us a call at (567) 218-3188 to find some additional support during these trying times.

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