TOLEDO STREETS NEW SP APER 3 4 6 7 p 12 Mural in New TSN World HQ I am a simple guy and I like 'simple'. Ken Leslie p 4 Community Quotes 12 p 11 Metroparks Toledo 14 Page 2 Puzzle Page 13 Photos of TSN World Headquarters While many of you were shopping online for Christmas presents, the TSN staff and volunteers were busy getting the new space ready for service. Director's Desk A look back at the whirlwind of a year for Toledo Streets. 11 8 About the cover: Art Director Ed Conn imagines what a future Toledo might look like under glass. Glass City Future This month’s theme is future focused – joining in the ritualistic tradition of reviewing the past year and looking forward to the new year. Community Leaders Ken Leslie, Claire McKenna, Julie Hage-Welsh, Lauren Webber, and Candace Bishop have something to say about the future of Toledo. "The system is failing all the families that really need it" How the threat of eviction has perpetuated health inequity and racial injustice during the pandemic. Reading for the Future While nobody can totally predict the future, we can rely on trends, data, and maybe a little bit of speculation to forecast where we might be headed. "I hope the entire community will rise again." Tony Inglis, Executive Director of INSP, our global street newspaper network, shares stories of hope for the future from vendors around the world. Metroparks Toledo Showcases the Future of Urban Open Spaces Metroparks Toledo won the coveted National Gold Plaque Award for outstanding parks. Glass City Park shows we are not resting on our laurels.

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