Pezzie Barnett Pezzie has been with Toledo Streets Newspaper since last summer. If I am being honest, she made me a little nervous when she started. I guess I would describe her as a little rough around the edges. But the edges started to soften as we pelted her with unconditional love and continued to reinforce that she is worthy. We are still working on getting her housed, but she has truly embraced change. Change isn’t easy and together we have experienced some backslides or proverbial relapses. But I can’t ask someone to make a flawless change and never revert back to old ways. The change has been uncomfortable and hard, but it is happening. Although becoming housed is a major part of what we do, we also have to work towards helping people make the change is attitude that will help them be successful once they are housed. Pezzie has made that change and Page 12 now it is on to finding a stable place to call her own so she can truly flourish. In One Sentence- who are you?I am kind, caring, loveable, and inspirational. What is a recent accomplishment you are proud of?I have changed my attitude and my aggressiveness. It has been a hard change but I made it through. What is one misconception you think people have about people who are homeless?They think that people who are homeless are disgusting. When and why did you start selling Toledo Streets Newspaper?I started selling because I was panhandling and homeless. I started last year. What is one thing you want people to know about you?I want people to know that I am strong and that I can get through anything. How would you like to see Toledo/Lucas County change for the better?I would like to see everyone come together. What is your next step/goal? I want to get in my own place and stay out of jail. Where do you sell TSN? I sell at the courthouse and at the liquor store on Monroe and Bancroft. What is your favorite part of selling TSN? My favorite part of selling the paper is getting to see my family that works at TSN. What is the most inspirational/ interesting thing that has happened to you while selling? Claire teaching me how to control my anger and the difficulties that come about without learning the hard way or getting in trouble. What do you want people to know about your past? I have been through hell. What is something unexpected that you have gotten from TSN? Love, a lot of it too. Anything you want to add? Nope.

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