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MEET THE FACULTY ADVISOR Ian R. Mull Ian has a diverse background in the fashion industry as a manager, buyer, and visual merchandiser. After pursuing his master’s degree in fashion merchandising and design here at Central Michigan University back in 2012, he started teaching fashion courses shortly after. His research interests include fashion consumer motivation, social media, and fashion technology. As a dedicated advisor and mentor, his passion for Threads Fashion has evolved over the 4 years. He is excited for all of our guests to experience the new location. The students have worked hard this year to collaborate with so many different departments and units throughout the CMU community. “Threads Fashion ID has an important meaning behind it and I’m glad we were able to create a show promoting body positivity and inclusivity.” 4

MEET THE PRODUCERS CHLOE WHITE Year: Senior CECILIA ALFARO Year: Graduate Student Major: Entrepreneurship Minor: Fashion Merchandising/Event Mgmt. What does this year’s theme mean to you? Major: Apparel Product Dev. and Merchandising Technology What does Threads Fashion ID mean to you? What does this year’s theme mean to you? “It is not only a celebration of authentic beauty, but diverse backgrounds. The world and fashion industry is ever changing, so it is important that we as a production and decent human beings get on board with this change for the better. We can’t continue to ignore the marginalization and underrepresentation within the fashion industry. Instead, we must bring those marginalized individuals to the forefront.” “The fashion industry as a whole isn’t a very inclusive or diverse industry, so creating a theme for our fashion show that celebrates diversity and inclusivity is an opportunity to combat what is normally seen in the industry. I have grown and expanded to always try to create diverse and inclusive collections. Celebrating all individuals is so important and we as producers wanted to create an event that does just that.” ALIVIA FERGUSON Year: Senior Major: Advertising Minor: Fashion Merchandising What does this year’s theme mean to you? “Empowering others to love themselves and ditch social norms of beauty is so important. It made perfect sense for us to choose this theme because it is the change we want to see in the world. We were lucky to have a platform through Threads to encourage self-love through our models, designers, and the CMU community. I truly believe that there is only one you, and that’s your super power.” 5

2019 COLLECT 6


Kathryn Montgomery Synergy “Synergy was inspired by the fashion illustration that’s shown at the center of my mood board, and different lines and structures in contemporary architecture. From there it evolved into experimenting with a combination of harsh structural lines in my designs and soft lines, textures, and colors. In my previous collections, I took inspiration from other fashion designers, but I challenged myself with this collection by taking my inspiration from elements outside of the runway. What I’ve developed, encompasses the idea of synergy, with different uses of structural lines, soft textures, and colors working together to create this collection.” THREADS 04-06-19 8

Jiayu Li Collective Joy “I wanted to apply fabric manipulation to the garments and use printed fabric I designed myself. I was also inspired by floral print.” THREADS 04-06-19 9

Cecilia Alfaro Alloy ALLOY (n.) “a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion.” When two metals, neither masculine nor feminine, fuse together, they become stronger than when they were apart. The strength of the bond, like a marriage, is based off the connection of the two metals or souls, regardless of how they identify or who they are individually. ALLOY is meant to transform the wedding industry to be more inclusive of all people who want to celebrate their love through marriage. THREADS 04-06-19 10

Tolulope Nathan Adventure “Adventure is a collection that merges Western fabrics with African prints. It represents vibrancy, culture, and courage.” THREADS 04-06-19 11

Analiese Zaleski Corporate Beauty “The big city, the business world, and power. The blurred line of masculine and feminine expressed through the clothes on our backs, designed to make women feel as powerful as they truly are and to continue to thrive everyday.” THREADS 04-06-19 12

Grunge Unexpected “Edgy, raw, and unfinished. Grunge Unexpected is inspired by street wear and patch work. A combination of repurposed denim and upholstery fabrics paired with black mesh are used to create a unique look that is unexpected with a grungy feel.” 13


Alona Lysa Forest Spirit “This collection was inspired by my love of nature and historical garments. Elements of the clothing were pulled from the 19th century European garments, and the rest comes from details of the Michigan woodlands. These outfits are what I imagine forest nymphs would wear on their casual days.” THREADS 04-06-19 15

Julianna Saad Aes Sídhe “My collection this year is inspired by my love of the English, Irish and Scottish Fae, Fairy, lore. I have always loved the stories of the Fae. I used all poisonous flowers for my colors and silhouettes to further drive home the idea of deadly beautiful. I even named my collection after the traditional Irish name for the Fae. I want my collection to portray a dangerous deductive feel, to entrance you, then trap you forever.” THREADS 04-06-19 16

Chloe Tulgetske Pretty in Punk “This collection takes inspiration from the punk bands in the 80s, especially the “The Misfits,” and puts a modern, feminine look to it.” THREADS 04-06-19 17

Holly Klaus Color Motion “With my graduate thesis collection, I melded my passions by designing garments that utilize traditional art practices, such as painting, ceramics, and fiber arts. I explored dyeing techniques, cording applications, and beading embroidery throughout the collection. This collection is inspired by formalist art theory, in which art is created for the sake of art, and focuses purely on aesthetic details. I also explored dynamic, vibrant, celebratory color throughout the collection.” THREADS 04-06-19 18

Danni Chen Reveal “My collection was inspired by the comparison between textures of silk and nylon mesh. Reveal shows my understanding of identification and individuality. Beneath the gorgeous and delicate covers, a raw, unprocessed jade is presenting colors and showing its luminance. Everyone can be identified to a group, but individuality is as important as identity. Do not deny the value of yourself and everyone around.” THREADS 04-06-19 19


Serena Hernandez A Monarch’s Spirit “My inspiration for this collection started with the floral and butterfly fabric. I was instantly inspired because of my connection with butterflies. Butterflies make me feel connected to a close friend that is no longer with me. Throughout this collection you will see the silhouette is very flowy and feminine, mimicking the delicate wings of the butterfly. I designed it for the consumer to feel pretty and sexy at the same time. Dogs are also a huge inspiration in my life. I wanted to incorporate them because they allow us to be loved unconditionally.” THREADS 04-06-19 21

Holly Bazarewski Skyline “This past summer I traveled to New York City for the first time. Seeing the sparkling night-time skyline, as well as the ever-so unique street fashions inspired this collection. In the city, the streets are the true runways, and the sparkle of the night-time sky represents the dreams that live on. The dark, yet vibrant colors and the geometric shapes of the skyline inspired the colors and silhouettes. Skyline was created to encompass both of those ideas into one streetwear collection.” THREADS 04-06-19 22

Ribbons & Pearls “Ribbons & Pearls is inspired by traditional wedding details with a modernized twist. Each look has strategically placed ribbon and pearl details that will accentuate femininity and bring a modern bride with traditional roots. This collection is meant to pay homage to classic and timeless details that will forever live on.” 23

Leslie Graver Celeste “This collection was inspired by the night sky. When things might be in turmoil down on Earth, the stars and the planets are the one thing that is always constant. I feel like my zodiac sign is a core part of me, and I incorporated the signs of my loved ones into the pieces in this collection as well.” THREADS 04-06-19 24

COLOR “This collection was inspired by one of my favorite decades and fashion movements - 1960s mod. I love all things about Mod fashion - from the silhouettes and colors to the clean lines and accessories. COLOR is an ode to a modern re-interpretation of this decade.” 25

Deana LaLonde Blossom “My collection took inspiration from the symbols of Spring. I envisioned the garments to resemble a sense of blossoming that flourishes from the rain, and a new beginning to being comfortable in one’s own skin.” THREADS 04-06-19 26

Ingrid Boley Queenology “I’ve always adored Egyptian culture and history. I wanted to channel that obsession into a collection that captures the natural essence of Egypt, while emphasizing the attitude of its iconic queens.” THREADS 04-06-19 27

Erika Erlenbach Hunger of the Pines “Hunger of the Pines is a bridal collection that has been about experimenting new techniques and ideas. It all started with a concept of unconventional brides with a destination wedding that may be located in a pine forest. I wanted to create a collection where I made affordable dresses using couture techniques. I created my own textile by weaving fabric and painting the edges to create a sleeker finish, and beaded flower details to add more to the overall look. This is for someone looking for a unique piece of art to wear and capture everyone’s attention.” THREADS 04-06-19 28


Li Jiang Optical Illusion “The goal of this collection is to use clothing as a language and fabric as a canvas to interpret the artistic expression of science through methods of innovative technology —textile digital printing and laser cutting. Optical illusion is a neuroscience-based subject about understanding how we see and perceive objects. It is an interdisciplinary subject that relates to psychology, science, math, and physiology. This collection of wearable art will express the strong visual effect in sharply contrasting tones of optical illusion images.” THREADS 04-06-19 30

Jingrui Zhang The Little Dress “My inspiration is Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston. I really love the photos of her wearing a black dress. My goal was to design something similar in style, and imagined her wearing a black dress walking through fog.” THREADS 04-06-19 31

Natalie Weith & Rue Walker Wild Element “We were inspired by the idea of an urban leopard freeing from its cage. We focused on textures, fabrics and patterns within the garments we created. As designers, we feel it is important to focus in on the small details to ensure our collection stands out. The theme of our collection shows the collision of the wild with big city living, creating a unique style that would look amazing on any shape, size or color, we looked at this opportunity as designing “fashion for all”. Overall, we are trying to express how there is always a way to be as confident and fierce as a leopard freeing its cage.” THREADS 04-06-19 32

Liz Skryzmoski Water Ways “I created a plus size women’s wear collection for summer 1 & 2. I was inspired by the changes Lake Erie goes through during the summer for my color choices. My collection is all hand dyed using different dye methods. I played around with the fabric and color choices for each outfit so they would flow between looks and be cohesive. Each garment was made with the intention of fitting the designer as well as the model.” THREADS 04-06-19 33

Eli Zaborney Send Noods “This collection parodies high-end avant garde fashion. It aims to use bold shapes and fabrications to create something that is elegant at first glance, but utterly ridiculous and silly upon further inspection. All of the shapes in the collection are similar to various forms of pasta. ‘Send Nudes’ is a common phrase in youth culture to the point that it’s achieved meme status, whereas the term ‘noods’ is a slang term for noodles. Pasta comes in many architectural shapes similar to what is used in avant garde fashion. All three of these concepts are common, informal, unintimidating, and encourage play.” THREADS 04-06-19 34

Morgan Collins Naturally Nude “My collection looks into the concept from the 1970s of embracing your natural beauty and being confident with who you are. I began to look into the character Donna Sheridan from Mamma Mia 2, which is based in 1979. Her free-spirited attitude and natural style was exactly what I wanted to encompass in my designs. By using a mostly nude color palette, I brought out the natural beauty in the models without flaunting it. My designs are meant to show strong confidence in embracing one’s identity.” THREADS 04-06-19 35

Tiffany Griffiths Bounty of the Earth “This collection is a men and women’s evening wear collection based around a light primary color scheme. This collection is completely made of natural fibers and natural dyes. All of the materials used to construct these garments were harvested from the Earth in order to create environmentally friendly apparel. Each fabric and lace applique started white, then was prepared to be hand dyed with turmeric, avocado pits and skins, blueberries, coffee, or indigo to obtain the colors seen. This collection is an appreciation for the endless beautiful gifts that nature provides for us. Overall, each garment is inspired and created by nature.” THREADS 04-06-19 36

Sarah Sokolowski Ain Sof “Through this collection, I explored, questioned, and satirized religious themes - focusing on the mystical, or human desire to understand divinity. I was inspired by the movie Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky, the Jewish Kabbalah, Catholicism, Eastern/Western Mysticism, and Tarot cards. This collection titled “Ain Sof”, which translates to “without end”, referring to the Jewish Kabbalistic belief that God has ten known attributes, one being Ain Sof, which is that beyond human comprehension.” THREADS 04-06-19 37





FMD 357: FASHION SHOW PR & GRAPHICS COMMITTEE PRODUCTION & PROMOTION Director: Jenna Boulter Members: Ashley Krenzer, Victoria Vitale SUBMISSIONS COMMITTEE MODEL COMMITTEE Director: Makaia Smith Members: Mackenzie Arthur, Madelyn Kellner, Alex Beck Director: Morgan Victory Members: Sabrina Yusubova, Nick Sullivan 42

VENUE COMMITTEE FINANCE COMMITTEE Director: Morgan Maggini Members: Brooke Beatty, Marna Jonassen, Desire Brown ALUMNI RELATIONS COMMITTEE Director: Dianna Mejia-Lugo Members: Kathryne Beck, Cassady Coley EVENT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Director: Savannah Krupp Members: Kayla Spiker, Sarah Merrifield, Timothy Young Director: Megan VanderKuur Members: Brendan Shepard, Ruestasha Walker, Sarah Hodder 43

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