Polymer Thermovision y is proud to present our POLYMER COLLECTION. Our one piece POLYMER COLLECTION is available in more than 50 styles and colors. In addition to receiving a 10 year warranty, our collection is proven to be resistant, requires minimum maintenance and is easy to clean. Our product has shown ZERO FORMALDEHYDE EMISSION and thus passes the Phase 2 CARB requirements. ZERO FORMALDEHYDE EMISSION Thermovision offers you the opportunity to select the edge of your choice among all of the models of our polymer collection. You simply need to specify your selection from the following options: Presto Code 1 Celebration Code 2 Prolam Code 3 Colonial Code 4 Scandinavian Code 5 Elysa Code 6 Euro Code 7 America Code 8 Lombardie Code 19 Sunrise Code 27 Prestige* Code 24 Monte Carlo & Riviera Monaco, Monte Carlo, Kelly II & Riviera * Rounded corners, 3⁄32” [2,5 mm] radius 2 THERMOVISION.CA

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