Warranty 3. Restrictions This warranty does not apply to: • outdoor installations; • products that have been abused, misused, poorly maintained, installed improperly, burned, stained, soiled, misshapen or otherwise damaged through negligence, accident or voluntarily; • products that have been handled, modified, repaired or otherwise altered in any manner, by any person other than Thermovision or a Thermovision representative; • the deterioration of a component or external aging (surface) of the Products as a result of age or ordinary wear and tear; • the cost of installing and transporting the Products related to the application of the present warranty; • warping of doors over 32” high (maximum interior tolerance of 1/8” and exterior tolerance of 1/16”). Our warranty does not cover labor fees. Services To benefit from the services of this warranty, simply return the Products with proof of purchase before the expiration date to the Seller from whom they were purchased. Thermovision will then choose, at its discretion, to replace, repair or credit any Products at a fee established on the basis of 1/10 of the suggested purchase price multiplied by the number of years elapsed since the original date of shipment. If the identical materials or products are not available when the request for warranty services is made, Thermovision reserves the right to substitute them with materials and models of comparable quality, without being obliged to replace all of the Products if only one or some of them are defective. Exclusion This constitutes the only warranty given by Thermovision on its Products and neither Sellers nor their agents are authorized to modify, extend or broaden the present warranty in the name of Thermovision. RESTRICTIONS & MAINTENANCE Restrictions: Avoid exposing thermoformed products to sources of extreme heat. Precautions must be taken when using certain electric countertop appliances. Toasters, kettles, portable ovens, and all other appliances creating heat or steam can affect nearby surfaces. Be sure to place these appliances so as to avoid affecting surfaces situated above the appliances. Maintenance and precautions: Thermoformed products can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water. As with any quality product, certain precautions should be taken in order to preserve their appearance. Never use chemical products such as thinners, bleaches, or any cleaning product containing solvents or abrasives. It is especially important to avoid products containing acetone. Make sure to avoid scratching or striking thermoformed products with a sharp object since marks or permanent cuts could result. 10 YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY 1. Manufacturer’s Warranty Thermovision Products Inc. guarantees the quality of all its thermofoil products (the Products) against delamination for a period of 10 years. Although any apparent or hidden defects that make them unsuitable for their intended use or which result in premature deterioration or yellowing carry a 5-year warranty. 2. Warranty Period The present warranty is valid from the date of shipment of the Products. Repair and replacement of the Products by Thermovision do not have the effect of extending this warranty or of instituting a new warranty period. 16 THERMOVISION.CA POL YMER

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