Mullions 1 lite Cathedral Standard Mullions are available in 4 different styles: Regular Arched 6 glass models: NATURAL CLEAR FROSTED BRONZE SMOKY GREY MIRROR The groove for the glass insert is painted in order to compliment the color of the mullion unless specified ”unpainted“ by the customer. Glass options are available in STANDARD glass with a minimum charge of 2ft2 Allow 2 weeks shipping for tempered glass. or TEMPERED glass with minimum charge of 4ft2 Glass thickness may vary between 3 to 4 mm and is sold installed only. Thermovision will not be held responsible for damages caused by glass breakage. Racks 4 half - circles Min. 24”W x 4 1 /2 ”H Min. 9”W x 24”H 12 Min. 14 3 /8 ”W x 24”H For all wine racks, the maximum width and height is 48” x 96” respectively. Unless otherwise specified, we will produce as many circles or lites as dimensions permit. THERMOVISION.CA Min. 21” or 24”W x 30”H Min. 11 15 /16 ”W x 30”H Wine 4 circles 8 circles 8 lites 11 small lites . POL YMER

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