Polyester Thermovision yt is proud to present our POLYESTER COLLECTION. Our 5-piece POLYESTER COLLECTION allows you to design your space with a look that says real wood. The 90 degree door offers a vertically assembled door with a unique method for outstanding accuracy and an exclusive look. In addition to receiving a 5 year warranty, all of our models are available in more than 35 colors. Our products have shown ZERO FORMALDEHYDE EMISSION and thus passes the Phase 2 CARB requirements. ZERO FORMALDEHYDE EMISSION Penciled Glaze You can add a touch of charm and refinement by applying our penciled glaze on single and double beaded panels only. You can choose from our 5 available decorative glaze colors. TAN BROWN et RUST *Pleas nse not thatb d WHITE BLACK *Please note that by default, a black penciled glaze will be applied. def default ablack pen 2 THERMOVISION.CA

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