[CONSULT] DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY The AV industry is complex, with many different sales channels available to your company. Wondering whether you should go through dealers or distributors? Need to figure out how to get your products in front of the best VARs? Perhaps you even want help figuring out the best strategy for selling direct. We’ll help you navigate your options and figure out the best partners to work with to achieve your goals. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT We’ve helped design and create the market strategy for products from some of the biggest names in AV — Crestron, Sony, Extron, HP, Da-Lite and others. Looking for new applications for an existing product? Not sure whether to go a particular route with a design? Want to find out what it takes to enter a product category you’ve never been in before or reach a vertical you’ve never approached? Whether you have a fully developed product or just an inkling of an idea, we can help. MARKET ANALYSIS We’ve been working in the AV industry for decades. We’ve been through the analog sunset and AV/IT convergence, and we’ve seen countless technologies and standards, not to mention companies, come and go. We know the ProAV market backward and forward, including all the players with the best and most up-todate information. We’re not a traditional market research firm, but we DO know the ProAV market better than anyone else. Whether it’s an answer to a difficult question or a comprehensive market report, we can get you what you need. MARKETING STRATEGY The foundation of every great campaign is research and strategy. If you feel like you’re just spending marketing money to get your logo or products seen and don’t know whether it’s working, engage our strategists. We can give you real data — not just intuition — you can use to base your marketing budgets on. We’ll use research, combined with our industry knowledge and creative expertise, to produce strong insights, recommendations, plans and strategy briefs for your brand. Want to learn more about how rAVe [CONSULT] can help you? Schedule a consultation with our team. Contact: Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com BRANDING At the core of every successful campaign is a clear message. We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in AV build and execute branding programs that have included product launches, brand strategies, trade show activities and traditional advertising campaigns. We’ll help you position your organization, event, product or person so you can effectively reach and engage your target audience. Let our team help you build your foundation with our branding (and rebranding) services. 29

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