[CREATE] SERVICES 01 SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT We manage the social media accounts of some of the most popular brands in AV — and you’d never know it. We help brands create a social voice and tone that’s unique to them and their audience while remaining in line with their marketing strategy. So, if you want to grow your followers and expand your reach, or you need to outsource your social media marketing, let us do it for you. EXAMPLES: Social Media Account Management, Social Strategy, Paid Social Campaign Management, Social Reporting 02 CONTENT MARKETING Great content is incredibly important to your marketing. Our team will customize all the messaging around your brand or product in a way that generates leads. For example, we can create a white paper or educational guide — not one filled with jargony marketing speak but one that is truly educational and timely. We can help you deliver it to your audience with a custom distribution strategy, all while helping you generate leads and, ultimately, clients. EXAMPLES: White Paper / Case Study Writing, Blog Writing, Content Curation, Social Media Content Creation 24

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