[NOW] With every event, we provide our clients and readers with the most comprehensive coverage of the show floor, using every social network and digital medium available to us. Our team will help you build a full-scale media plan to cover your event, and we will see it through to the end. With planning, strategy, implementation and execution, we will transfer your event to the online world and help expand its reach to a larger, more diverse digital audience. Starting at $10,000 Product Videos For trade shows, we bring a team of reporters to shoot product videos at every booth or stand on the show floor; we create a digital video library of everything displayed and introduced, resulting in hundreds of videos by the show’s end. Unique Email Marketing We can create email blasts for your show or event and send them to rAVe readers to increase engagement. This is the most effective way to reach all rAVe readers and complement our extensive social media reach. Social Media Coverage We’re on every platform, all the time. Our social coverage sets rAVe apart from other publications in the AV industry. Reach a new digital audience, and receive the best traffic before, during and after your event. Podcasting & Videocasting Promote your presence at shows through podcasts and videocasts with our founder, Gary Kayye. We can podcast live from trade shows as a part of our “The Trade Show Minute” podcast series. Blogs & Articles Our editorial team can write blogs and articles to cover newsworthy events, company product releases, industry news and more. Our longform content drives traffic to the microsite we can create for your event. Online Ad Opportunities With banner ads, we’ll help you increase traffic to your company website or event microsite. 21

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