FIRST, THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING US! Welcome to our LOOKBOOK of talents and services for 2020. THE rAVe Agency is still THE ONLY creative agency that exclusively focuses on the AV industry. Sure, we can do anything, but we love AV! We’re made up of both AV technologists and creatives; we aren’t an agency filled with advertising execs who “learned” AV, nor are we an agency of AV’ers who just decided to offer creative services. Our legacy has always been an integration of both — we’ve performed creative services and strategized in marketing consulting since 1998, when Gary originally founded the company as Kayye Consulting, and we signed Sony as our first client. Since then, we’ve helped more than 65 brands with social media marketing, strategy and execution, branding, product development, experimental marketing, content marketing, lead generation and storytelling. Most importantly, however, we care about AV. We’ve been careful to both steward and protect our AV partners and the AV industry, as a whole, through our many publications. In fact, rAVe [PUBS] — our publication channel for driving content to both the AV insider/ decision-maker and end user — includes two different websites and eight vertical-market newsletters. We are the voice of the AV market for well over 200,000 active and casual readers. Finally, we continue to innovate and bring the market what it needs. A few years ago, we added social media management (not just social media marketing but full-service management) to the industry, and now we manage social media for some of the biggest brands in the industry. We’re also excited to bring you something new for 2020: rAVe [STORYTELLING]. You can read all about it inside. We hope you’ll take the time to review all that we have to offer in our 2020 LOOKBOOK. And, when you’re ready to see how creative services can take your company, product or service to the next level, we hope you’ll give THE rAVe Agency a chance to work for you! Gary Kayye & Sara Abrons Co-Founders, THE rAVe Agency 2

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