[PUBS] PROMOTED CONTENT Increase the reach of your promoted content with additional social media and rAVe newsletter coverage. @rAVePubs will post about your story, podcast or video on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and we will tag your company so that you can share it too. Your content will also be featured in at least one of our monthly newsletters. SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION LEVEL 1 | $750 2 tweets • 1 LinkedIn rAVe company post • 1 LinkedIn AVIP group post • Feature in the promoted post section of a rAVe newsletter SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION LEVEL 2 | $1,500 3 tweets • 2 LinkedIn rAVe company posts • 1 LinkedIn AVIP group post • 1 LinkedIn post on Gary Kayye’s personal page • Feature in a rAVe newsletter with a special graphic ad Need help with your promoted content? We have a team of experienced copywriters and editors who can create content such as blogs, case studies and white papers. We can help your brand deliver engaging subject matter and educational content to the AV audience. Services include ghostwriting, white-labeled content to live on client channels, interviews and design services. BLOGS Includes: • Topic creation and content planning • 30-minute Zoom interview with SME • Creation of supporting graphics • Finished blog post with imagery COPYWRITING AND EDITORIAL OPPORTUNITIES CASE STUDIES AND WHITE PAPERS Includes: • Topic creation and content planning • 30-minute Zoom interview with up to three SMEs • Layout design • Creation of supporting graphics • Client case study template design (designed exclusively for each client with custom-branded styling) • Final PDF for distribution and promotion $1,000 Starting at $4,000 17

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