[PUBS] SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES We established our main social media accounts over a decade ago, and now have more followers than any other AV trade publication. You can leverage our social reach and promote your products and/or your brand to our social audience. AMBASSADOR Ideal For: Small Announcements, Event Promotion, Company News Includes: • Needs-Analysis Call • 5 Tweets • 2 LinkedIn Posts • 2 Facebook Posts • Performance Report INFLUENCER Ideal For: Product Launches, Product Promotion, Service Highlights and Features, Brand Awareness, Case Studies, White Papers Includes: • Needs-Analysis Call • 15 Tweets • 6 LinkedIn Posts • 6 Facebook Posts • 2 Posts on Gary Kayye’s Personal LinkedIn Page • Paid Social Media Campaign (Managed by rAVe) Ideal Timeline: 1 Month $1,500 • Performance Report Ideal Timeline: 3 Months $5,500 See additional add-on promoted content options from rAVe [PUBS] on page 16. Interested in more options? Let us build a custom social media marketing package for you. Contact: Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com 15 Ideal Timeline: 6 Months Starting at $10,000 EXECUTIVE Ideal For: Brand Retention, Product Series Campaign, Product Launches, Content Distribution, Creative Campaigns Includes: • Needs - Analysis Call • Custom Social Media Marketing Campaign Designed by rAVe [CREATE] • Paid Social Media Campaign (Managed by rAVe) • Graphic Creation and Support • Performance Report

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