[PUBS] NEWSLETTER OPPORTUNITIES Newsletter Edition Sponsorship of rAVe email newsletters is the way to reach readers in a particular vertical market of the AV industry. We started with rAVe ProAV Edition in 2003 and have since expanded to include nine additional newsletters. With each rAVe newsletter sponsorship, sponsors will receive a 300x250 graphic ad (aka banner ad) with a linked URL redirecting those who click to sponsor websites. Sponsors of rAVe ProAV Edition and rAVe HomeAV Edition will receive one custom HTML email blast per month to the rAVe subscriber lists of the corresponding newsletter. All newsletter ads are 300 by 250 pixels. Files may be .png, .jpg or .gif formats (no HTML5, Flash files or ads from third-party ad servers). Please also submit a URL for your ad to link to — UTM links and other tracking links are accepted, but please no bit.ly links or other common URL shorteners. rAVe ProAV Edition rAVe HomeAV Edition Newsletter Edition rAVe DS [Digital Signage] rAVe ED [Education] rAVe RADIO rAVe Rental [and Staging] rAVe UCC [Unified Communications & Collaboration] rAVe HOW [House of Worship] AV Buyers.Club rAVe Europe # of Issues / Month 4 2 # of HTML Blasts 1 / month 1 / month # of Issues / Month 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 Add on: rAVe newsletter sponsors have the option to purchase individual e-blasts to newsletter lists (except ProAV Edition and HomeAV Edition) for a discounted price. 12 Price $6,000 / month $3,000 / month Price $4,500 / month $3,000 / month $3,000 / month $2,500 / month $2,500 / month $2,500 / month $3,500 / month $2,000 / month Standard Contract 12 months 3 months Standard Contract 6 months 6 months 6 months 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months 12 months Max send: 1 / month Price: $2,500

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