[LAVNCH] LAVNCH: A LEAD GENERATION PLATFORM TO DELIVER ANY VIRTUAL EVENT YOU CAN IMAGINE LAVNCH is made up of an ecosystem of lead generation-based delivery systems that all work together in a different approach to deliver new product launches. LAVNCH is THE rAVe Agency’s new platform that combines virtual events, press conferences, shows, meetings, webinars and a publication to grab an audience’s attention and focus them on you, exactly when you need it and the way you need it. LAVNCH WEEK LAVNCH BLAST LAVNCH DAY 2 LAVNCH & LEARN LAVNCH VTS LAVNCH PEOPLE

[LAVNCH] LAVNCH COMMUNITY LAVNCH Community Members include AV, UCC, and Digital Signage integrators, systems designers, consultants and decision-maker level IT and AV end-users. LAVNCH Community Members have not only been vetted but are already familiar with our events and understand the value of the content we present; and, they’re familiar with how the LAVNCH Platform works. You can leverage the LAVNCH Members whenever you use any version of the LAVNCH Platform. Reach our community by hosting your own LAVNCH event, participating in a rAVe LAVNCH WEEK or by promoting and advertising your new products in our monthly LAVNCH BLAST, our new product-focused publication. INTEGRATORS • SYSTEMS DESIGNERS • CONSULTANTS • DECISION MAKERS • IT & AV END USERS 3

[LAVNCH] LAVNCH WEEK A virtual event hosted by rAVe [PUBS] Partner with rAVe to showcase your new products, present your company as a thought-leader and collect valuable AV leads. LAVNCH WEEK is designed to offer educational resources, facilitate industry discussions led by subject matter experts and create a virtual networking space. To attract qualified attendees on your behalf, each day of LAVNCH WEEK is themed by market application. By sponsoring one of the themed days, you have the opportunity to present your content to a valuable audience and collect the leads of those who register. INTERACTIVE AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION BRAND EXPOSURE LIVESTREAMED EDUCATION SESSIONS LEAD GENERATION THOUGHT LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES To learn more and be a part of the next LAVNCH WEEK event, contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com for sponsorship opportunities. MARKETING VALUE 4

[LAVNCH] Advertise your new products to 32,000+ members of the LAVNCH and ProAV communities. Designed for AV integrators, installers, designers, consultants and other and previous LAVNCH event attendees, LAVNCH BLAST features new product releases, announcements, industry events, editorial coverage and more. LAVNCH BLAST will be sent at least once per month. $1,000 / MONTH (BULK OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE) Additional opportunities will be available to reach the community with preand post-trade show issues around popular industry events. LAVNCH BLAST A rAVe [PUBS] Product Marketing Newsletter 5

[LAVNCH] LAVNCH DAYS Host your own virtual event with support from our turn-key event hosting service. Leverage the LAVNCH platform for your own LAVNCH DAY and host everything on one page that is easily accessible and logical for attendees. Each LAVNCH DAY is customizable to your event’s needs and goals. Our project management team will ensure a seamless experience from the start, and our production team will work to create an experience like no other for your attendees and your presenters! RESPONSIVE WEBSITE All LAVNCH DAY events are hosted on a responsive website, developed by THE rAVe Agency UX team and are hosted on rAVe owned URLs (that way we can seamlessly integrate all interactive features). Events can be open to attendees or require registration, which allows for more precise engagement tracking. LIVE SESSIONS With Zoom natively integrated, deliver high-quality, custom-branded LIVE broadcasts, keynotes, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, facility tours and more to your audience. LAVNCH DAY events can include pre-recorded sessions. CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS Each LAVNCH DAY event can be customized to include your branding elements, brand identity, supporting sponsor/partner resources, product videos, downloadable assets, sales team information, appointment booking and more. INTERACTIVE FEATURES The LAVNCH platform can incorporate a number of interactive integrations including: live audience polling, comment & question feed, peer-to-peer networking, sponsor chat, sponsor/brand collateral, interactive MicroSites and more. IDEAL FOR: PRODUCT SALES ANNOUNCEMENTS 6 MEETINGS PRESS CONFERENCES For more information or to set a demo, contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com. PANEL DISCUSSIONS PRODUCT DEMOS KEYNOTE SESSIONS EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS

[LAVNCH] Interactive Polls Live Audience Q&A Product Videos Spec Sheets Archive Content STARTING AT $6,500 It’s like a webinar; only way, way, way better! Our LAVNCH & LEARN webinar-style events allow you to present content to your audience in a way that incorporates engaging features and interactive content without limiting your ability for branding. All LAVNCH & LEARN events include tracking features so you can see exactly what content each attendee engages with during the event. Although similar to a webinar, LAVNCH & LEARN gives you the ability to customize the live features and upload additional content marketing so that users aren’t just logging on for a one-hour session - but are able to join in for an engaging digital event all in one place! And with our turn-key event service, we will build the page, populate the content, manage registration and promote the event. Plus, we will use the rAVe [PUBS] channels to help promote your LAVNCH & LEARN! Optional add-ons: Have Gary Kayye host the LAVNCH & LEARN with your own subject matter experts, creating an even more engaging and valuable event for your attendees. Gary will work with your presenters to create the educational content our readers have come to know and love. 7

[LAVNCH] LAVNCH VTS - VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW Utilize the LAVNCH VTS platform to create custom virtual trade shows, conferences or a hybrid event with live presentations, product demos, trade show “halls” and more! Utilize the LAVNCH VTS platform to create custom virtual trade shows, conferences with live presentations, product demos, trade show “halls” and more, all while incorporating a seamless attendee experience with interactive elements. LAVNCH VTS is a linear approach to a show that prioritizes the attendee experience and allows for casual floor browsing of vendor and manufacturer content via gated (or non-gated) content based on your objectives. Contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com for a custom quote. 8 FEATURES 01 02 03 04 Live Sessions Interactive Tools Turn-Key Service Attendee Networking 05 06 07 08 Lead Scoring Gamification Event Production Project Management

[LAVNCH] LAVNCH PEOPLE - COMING 2021 Contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com for more information. 9

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