The Delia Foundation is committed to creating awareness, empowering communities, and building a better, more rewarding world for everyone. deliasfriends.org Mailing address 3655 W. Anthem Way suite A‐109, PMB359 Anthem, AZ 85086 480‐600‐7950 info@deliafoundation.org deliafoundation.org Laura Larkin Founder/Executive Director

BluVillage Tiny Home Project Phoenix, AZ Beautiful Simplicity Preventing SENIOR Homelessness by creating solutions and giving options. Our BluVillage Program is positively impacting isolation, independence, health, and wellness. Giving Guidance Resources & Support Coming in 2020 Blu Village, small, affordable “tiny” homes in a community environment. Affordable housing with front porches, gardens, a community building along with our continued connections program. Vibrant Kids Holistic Intervention Center Barlad, RO The Delia Foundation is filling the void of needed social services for young children with physical or developmental disabilities that are currently in an orphanage or foster care setting in Barlad, Romania. Helping children build productive, meaningful, and fulfilling lives in a unique residential day program setting. Programming reflects The Delia Foundations dedication to fostering independence, a sense of community, and personal fulfillment. We give children the tools to achieve their highest potential while preparing them for forever homes. You can be a part of the community that is bringing Hope and Love to special needs orphans through our monthly giving program. Meemaw’s Paws Phoenix, AZ Coming early next year Meemaw's Paws is a non‐profit program that assists pets during times of crisis in our senior community and those facilities that support in those times. We can help in the healing process by alleviating the stress of worrying about our pets at home. Supporting the pets of our Arizona Senior Community RESPITE CARE Pet sitters and pet foster care homes to assist while the owner is hospitalized PET WALKING We provide walkers for seniors who can no longer physically walk with their pet. RELOCATION In the sad occasion in which the furry family member must live somewhere else.

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