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WHY STAGE? People don’t buy houses, they buy homes. Buyers purchase homes because they are warm and invi ting. Because they feel an emotional connection wi th the home. A vacant home feel s cold, steri l e, and boxy. Wi thout furni ture, i t’s di fficul t to tel l the scal e and size of a room. When a buyer can’t vi sual ize the purpose of the room or what furni ture wi l l comfortabl y fi t, i t di stracts them from considering the home for purchase. Poorl y furni shed homes on the other hand can l eave the buyer wi th nothing but the memory of what i s currentl y in the home wi th no way to see themsel ves and thei r belongings in that space. Whi l e the sel l er may love thei r chosen décor, i t can take thei r home out of the running for a potential buyer wi thin minutes. Experienced Real Estate Agents know that a well staged home will sell faster than a home that is not. Good staging shows off a homes good features and hides i ts fl aws. I t turns awkward spaces into usabl e spaces and l ets the buyers imagine themsel ves in the home. I t’s much easier to notice outdated flooring or a crack in the wal l when there i s nothing el se to look at. According to the National Association of Real tors (NAR), 53% of sel l er’s agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market. Staging significantly helps with your online listing which translates to more showings. A report by the National Association of Real tors (NAR) shows that 95% of buyers use the internet during thei r home search, which makes i t a must that your home show real l y wel l onl ine. Staging makes the home look signi ficantl y better in photos. An empty home or poorl y furni shed home viewed onl ine can actual l y keep potential buyers from taking the time to view the home in person. SERVICES Staged homes not only sell faster but also for more money than those that are not staged. According to industry anal ysi s, 90% of peopl e who view your home have no imagination of the potential of our home. They just can’t vi sual ize i t. A report by the National Association of Real tors (NAR) showed that 83% of buyers agents said staging a home made i t easier for a buyer to vi sual ize the property as a future home. Home staging has become a “must” for sel l ers. I t cost more not to stage…the cost of compl ete staging i s usual l y much l ess than your fi rst price reduction.

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