SCOREBOARD BREC'S HARRY NEESE MEMORIAL When: Nov. 2; Where: Historic City Park Golf Course in Baton Rouge, La.; Web: golf.brec.org CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT: Marc Crawford/Scott Haynie (5-under-par), Rex Cochran/Jack Terry (3-under-par), Mitch Evans/Griff Campbell (2-under-par), Frank Schroeder/Mike Johnson (2-under-par) FIRST FLIGHT: Kurt Bailey/David Hoffman (2-over-par), Cornell Christophe/Robb Campbell (2-over-par), Brian Didier/Steve Parker (6-over-par), Tre' Simmons/Randy Bennett (6-over-par) MISSISSIPPI GOLF ASSOCIATION'S WILLIAM EARL 'W.E.' MORGAN CUP MATCHES When: Nov. 2-3; Where: MSU Golf Course in Starkville, Miss.; Web: www.missgolf.org FINAL RESULTS: Mississippi Golf Association 16, Gulf States PGA 8 SINGLES (MGA won, 8.5-3.5): Trey Denton (MGA) def. Leigh Brannan (GSPGA), 5 and 4; Joe Deraney (MGA) def. Chelso Barrett (GSPGA), 1 up; Reed Hughes (GSPGA) def. Robert Sanford (MGA), 2 and 1; Joseph Hanko (GSPGA) def. Casey Ham (MGA), 6 and 5; Paul Hunt (MGA) def. Scott Buntin (GSPGA), 2 up; Matt Brunetz (GSPGA) def. Tracy Cockerham (MGA), 5 and 3; Josh Lampley (MGA) def. Blake Hatfield (GSPGA), 4 and 3; Richard Reed (MGA) def. Kyle Carpenter (GSPGA), 7 and 5; Joel Myrick (MGA) def. Quincy Morrison (GSPGA), 5 and 4; Brett Parker (MGA) def. Ryan Wilham (GSPGA), 3 and 2; Mike Dowst (MGA) def. Adam Scott (GSPGA), 5 and 3; Stephen Yelverton (MGA) and Zach Tate (GSPGA) tied their match FOURSOMES (MGA won, 4-2): Myrick/Parker (MGA) def. Hatfield/Carpenter (GSPGA), 1 up; Scott/Barrett (GSPGA) def. Ham/Lampley (MGA), 1 up; Reed/Deraney (MGA) def. Brannan/Hughes (GSPGA), 5 and 4; Denton/Hunt (MGA) def. Brunetz/Hanko (GSPGA), 2 and 1; Wilham/Morrison (GSPGA) def. Yelverton/Dowst (MGA), 2 and 1; Cockerham/Sanford (MGA) def. Buntin/Tate (GSPGA), 6 and 5 FOUR-BALL (MGA won, 3.5-2.5): Deraney/Yelverton (MGA) def. Tate/Buntin (GSPGA), 4 and 3; Barrett/Scott (GSPGA) def. Myrick/Reed (MGA), 4 and 3; Brunetz/Hanko (GSPGA) def. Dowst/Ham (MGA), 5 and 3; Denton/Cockerham (MGA) def. Brannan/Hughes (GSPGA), 4 and 2; Sanford/Hunt (MGA) def. Morrison/Wilham (GSPGA), 3 and 2; Josh Lampley/Brett Parker (MGA) and Kyle Carpenter/Blake Hatfield (GSPGA) tied their match FINN MCCOOL'S CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP When: Nov. 3; Where: Lakewood Golf Club in New Orleans Scott Anderson (63), David Zoller (65), David Ashton (67), Bob Maurer (67), Johnny Gallagher (68), Kevin Muggavin (69), Ricardo Guiterez (69), Harry Hawney (70), Jason Berry (70), Chris Owens (70), Ross Van Geffen (71), FINAL POINTS STANDINGS: Chris Owens (216), Mark Jackson (207), Scott Anderson (201), Eric Rodriguez (159), Kevin Ibos (152), Adrian Simpson (150), Johnny Gallagher (134), Jason Berry (131), Ricardo Guiterrez (129) GULF STATES PGA'S PING/STERLING CUT GLASS PRO-SCRATCH CHAMPIONSHIP When: Nov. 4; Where: The Golf Club at Audubon Park in New Orleans; Web: www.gspga.com Blake Thomas/Brent Struthers (53), David Lee/Sam Lee (55), Devin Thomas/John Dupont (55), Clay Weems/Lana Hodge (56), Gavin Vegas/Scott Gottsche (57), Allan Martel/John Boothby (57), Robbie Gueringer/Grady Brame (57) JACKSON WOMEN'S GOLF ASSOCIATION When: Oct. 29; Where: Canton (Miss.) Country Club FIRST FLIGHT: Shelia Haynes (low gross), Nancy Cline (low net), Sissy Kern (low putts) SECOND FLIGHT: Sherry Lohrer (low gross), Ann Villeret (low net), Sharon Simpson (low putts) THIRD FLIGHT: Janelle Belton (low gross), Gwen Bussa (low net), Karen Gibbs (low putts) FOURTH FLIGHT: Beverly Harvey (low gross), Laurie Dinkins (low net), Stacy Hart (low putts) NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION OF LOUISIANA’S 24th ANNUAL LAFAYETTE LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE INVITATIONAL WINNING TEAM: Brent Castille, Justin W. Roberts, Chris Cain and Jerry S. Allen (58) LAKEWOOD LEGENDS When: Nov. 4; Where: Lakewood Golf Club in New Orleans NICKLAUS FLIGHT: Jim Webb (74, low gross), Al Fandrich (63, low net), David Lagarde (68, second low net) WATSON FLIGHT: Steve Braud (65, low net), Richard Francis (67, second low net) PLAYER FLIGHT: Nolan Marshall (65, low net), Lincoln Cornish (65, second low net) Tee To Green Golf Newsletter Vol. 77 (11/7/19)  Page 14

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