Astronaut Challenge (continued from the cover) to Land Challenge (Space Shuttle Atlantis Simulator), Landing Challenge (Space Shuttle Atlantis simulator), a Lab Challenge (Cleaning Up Space Junk) and an Engineering Challenge. The two teams came to be referred to as the “Bigs” and the “Littles”. The “Bigs” crew (7th/8th graders) was composed of three returning members from last year’s team and three new members – Owen Walsh, Jeaneva Moore, Jonah Tinfow, Ellie Nease, Grant Baxter, and Henry Fowler. The “Littles” simulator crew was composed of all 6th/7th grade girls (Nijma Lara, Heba Lara, Cameron Huggins, LaMyla Hill, SaRay Williams), and 6th grader Wesley Boyette was the “flyer” for the team. Alternates who prepared to compete for the teams, include Braylon Webster, Xavier Rodriguez, Kelsey McKinley, Siera Johnson, Keelyn Stroupe, and Teric Blackshear. Ms. Carolyn Rethwisch (Isle of Hope middle grades math/ science teacher), Dr. Barbara Serianni (College of Education at Armstrong/Georgia Southern), and Mr. Wade Smith (IOH STEAM Director/teacher) led the teams. Ms. Margaret Nease (Armstrong/Georgia Southern faculty member) worked with the “Bigs” on their research paper and skit for the lab presentation. The Landings community memKCD Pressure Cleaning Soft Wash & Professional Window Cleaning Residential & Commercial Houses / Decks / Driveways / Roofs / Pool Decks / Window Cleaning Call owner Keith Kilgore for an estimate today! 912.660.3179 KCDpressurecleaning@gmail.com 6 bers Bob and Carol Nickels provided encouragement each step of the way, and Bob worked with the “flyers” – students who would be competing by landing the Space Shuttle Atlantis either by “flying blind” (instruments only) every afternoon for weeks. Finally, Commander Shane Kimbrough (Shuttle Commander for International Space Station Mission #49 and #50) helped provide valuable insight and guidance for multiple aspects (continued on page 11) ment & Stillness healthy aging

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