NASA (continued from page 11) - his grandfather and great men during the Apollo days – he was, in fact, continuing that circle, as he inspired our kids. It was an amazing experience to be a part of and I’m so thankful for his investment into their lives.” On the final day of competition, following the final challenge, the Isle of Hope Fiddlernauts headed to the award ceremony where they took home 2nd place in the nation in the Space Shuttle Simulator Launch to Land Challenge and 2nd place in the nation (losing by just 1 point) in the Landing Finals. The award, however, that Coach Carolyn Rethwisch is most proud of is the Apollo 13 Flight Team Award, given for the first time ever in competition. NASA Commander Shane Kimbrough Surprises the Fiddlernauts Over 35 Years Experience WITH YOUR OWN WELL WATER "As I think back to the last couple of days...this is the award I am most proud of,” explains Coach Rethwisch. “I will take 2nd place in every competition ever held, if my kids show up!” The Apollo 13 award is given to those who risk it all and work together. The plaque reads, ‘The Apollo 13 Flight Team Award... presented to the team that demonstrated the resilient spirit and teamwork exemplified by Astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise of Apollo 13.’ These men are giants in aerospace history, the heroes of Shane Kimbrough who shared with the students that it was the Apollo program that helped inspire him to pursue the astronaut field. Coach Rethwisch says, “Last year we learned, ‘Failure is NOT an option.’ This year, our kids lived out that motto. We are so blessed to know them, teach them, and take this journey with them. We’re raising champions who give it their all…every single day. At Isle of Hope, we are raising young men and women of integrity...who pursue the unimaginable. It took a village this year to help us help our kids achieve their goals. I’m so thankful for our village and so blessed to be a part of the Fiddlernaut journey this year.” Thanks to IOH K-8 School for providing this article. 14

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