A Message From Kim We’re all living in a strange reality right now, and not an easy one at that. My heart is with our first responders, essential ON THE COVER: 219 Edward Street W, Newcastle workers and anyone who loves someone serving on the front line. Usually, we are celebrating the awakening of the Earth and our communities, but instead we are facing a Spring is unlike any other. We can’t celebrate the things we usually do, or hug the ones we care about - but we are all spending more time in our homes than ever before. Our homes are our foundation, they are where we find comfort in challenging times, and I hope you can find just a little bit of comfort in these ideas and activities you can do to make this time feel a little more normal and bring a little joy to your life! Wishing your families safety & wellness, and that we can see each other (closer than 6 feet) again soon! - Kim NOW PLAYING Did you hear the news? Team Alldread and Ready, Set, Staged have a new home! We are so excited to share that we have our very own HQ at 106 Waverley Road in Bowmanville! Same great Re/Max Rouge River backing, but in a location all our own! We can’t wait to celebrate our new digs when we can all be together again. For now, check out our video announcement on YouTube. SCAN TO WATCH!

FOR YOUR FAMILY TO TRY 6 BOREDOM BUSTERS FOR THE HUNGRY ONES.... MAKE PEANUT BUTTER BANANA BITES. All you need is PB, a few bananas sliced into 1/4” pieces, and some chocolate chips. Make mini peanut butter sandwiches with the sliced banana, freeze, then dip in melted chocolate. Freeze once more for a mini snack everyone will enjoy. HAVE A BREAKFAST KEBAB EXTRAVAGANZA. Round up your fave breakfast fruits, toppings and whip up a batch of miniature flapjacks. Slide them onto skewers for the most fun kind of breakfast. FOR THE CRAFTY ONES... DIY ICE PAINTS. Round up some Popsicle sticks, an ice cube tray and some washable paints. Mix 1 teaspoon of water and 1 teaspoon of paint into each space in ice cube tray. Place a Popsicle stick in each. Place in freezer for 2-3 hours. Use on heavy duty craft paper (outside = less clean up) for max Picasso abilities! GEOMETRIC ART. Grab a canvas or heavy piece of craft stock, some painter’s tape and your favourite paints. Use the tape to make a geometric pattern - anything works - and paint each taped-off section. Peel the tape back once it is set, and voila! FOR THE WHOLE FAM... HOST A FAMILY FILM FESTIVAL. Ask each member of your family to pick their favourite film. Then tune to your favourite streaming service, make tons of popcorn, grab some sweets and get cosy for a film festival that will remind you to Cannes in your own home! BUILD FORTS. There’s nothing like building a fort to create some team building action in the house! Use what you have to make a comfy hideaway and bonus points if you have a living room camp out. Scan for all these ideas + more! KIM ALLDREAD, SALES REPRESENTATIVE RE/MAX ROUGE RIVER REALTY LTD., BROKERAGE KALLDREAD@ROGERS.COM WWW.KIMALLDREAD.COM

GETTING STARTED TIPS FOR YOUR FIRST VEGETABLE GARDEN 1 2 3 4 5 Start Small. Pick a few things to try growing first before ordering the whole seed catalog. Easy vegetables like lettuce, potatoes and peas make rewarding first garden choices. Choose your plot wisely. When choosing where to put your garden consider the space you have, light and moisture conditions as well as whether or not you need to bring in soil. Loosen Up. Vegetables grow best in soft, loose soil. Once you have your garden spot picked out spend some time tilling up the soil. Grab some compost for even more heat and nutrients for your plants. Get a head start. For your first year as a vegetable gardener, purchasing plants that are already growing from your local garden center or nursery is much easier than starting from seed. Be Patient! Gardens take time – and your veggies aren’t going to grow overnight, so be patient, and be sure to follow watering guidelines for your veggies. KIM ALLDREAD, SALES REPRESENTATIVE RE/MAX ROUGE RIVER REALTY LTD., BROKERAGE KALLDREAD@ROGERS.COM WWW.KIMALLDREAD.COM

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