The traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted what many advisors and their clients already knew – using a travel advisor brings immense value to the trip planning process. Now more than ever, travel is complex. There’s now border restrictions and quarantine requirements, navigating travel insurance, and a lingering fear of getting stuck while away. To navigate the complicated landscape of traveling during the pandemic, people are turning to travel agents, some for the first time. Since the pandemic hit, travel agents are seeing an increase of demand. One of the reasons advisors will be essential post-pandemic travel is that we have continued to study what’s happening in the industry for our clients’ needs, by attending webinars hosted by airlines, hotel brands and destinations to better advise clients. Carol Bajorek In addition to surveying when an airline releases new routes and watching for updates on passport services, we are now focusing on new safety concerns and information. A lot of people are still kind of worried about traveling. It’s comforting just to hear it’s okay ... this is what you are going to be served on the airplane, this is what you should prepare for. Also we can help fight for refunds. We are spending hours on hold fighting to secure our clients refunds so they didn’t have to. In addition to saving your time, we are also trying to save our clients from the headache when problems arise. Disasters can be smoothed with an expert advocate on your side, and the pandemic has given rise to a whole new world of disasters. CRUISE ALASKA IN 2021 WITH AMERICAN CRUISE LINE American Cruise Line was built and flagged in the USA, with an American crew. This exempts it from the Jones Act requiring a stop in a foreign port. The AMERICAN CONSTELLATION was uniquely designed to navigate Alaska, with all ocean view cabins, and will be sailing from Juneau for 8-15 day adventures. The small ships, carrying 100-200 passengers, offer direct access to many areas inaccessible to the larger ships. Their adventures include: Juneau, Tracy Arm/sawyer Glacier, Petersburg, Frederick Sound, Icy Strait Point, Glacier bay, Haines and Skagway. By cruising from Juneau, they eliminate the full day sail from Seattle or Vancouver getting you closer to the ports, thus allowing more time to explore and immerse yourself in the true spirit of Alaska. Give us a call today and enjoy Alaska without the crowds of the megaships in these picturesque ports.

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