01 03 SHILOH TODAY The new play structures, which students and other volunteers built on May 8, features three different platforms, a playhouse, a bridge, slides, a climbing net, a swing set and a jungle gym. The students also built a ninja-warrior style course in a valley west of the shelter and three hammock stations by the shelter's pond. “The playground and features not only will create safe play spaces for shelter youth but will help them cope with the stresses of trauma by offering physical activities,” Adams said. “The former playground was unable to meet the same life-changing need,” he said. “They didn't use a prefabricated playground; they built the play structures themselves, and they are crazy smart. They did the entire thing and simply kept us in the loop.” Overcoming the multitude of challenges associated with a pandemic coupled with the ability to meet a major need in a selfless way will impact the student leaders for a lifetime. Jones said the experience has inspired him to do more in the future beyond after-school service projects. "There are needs in our community everywhere," he said. "I've learned that if I put my mind to something, I can get it done." Shiloh will continue to communicate with Restoration Village to better understand how the school can help meet additional needs of the shelter and its residents in the future. According to Kortney Carnes, co-sponsor of the group, "CLA meets Shiloh’s mission of raising the next generation of godly leaders who engage their culture and change it in a true and tangible way." 03 05 02 04 To give financially and become a part of the Shiloh Legacy, visit www.shilohsaints.org/legacy 22 20 IMPACT 2021

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