SUMMER 2020 02 01. Allison Harris with her t-shirt design for the Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life Foundation. 02. Fall Student Council officers with the 188 coats collected for the coat drive. 03. Student Council officers planning a project during lunch. 03 The council’s on-campus projects were short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and transition to AMI learning in the state of sas. However, thanks to the use of technolstudents were still able to implement a up day to highlight foster care in Arkansas result of Skye Bowman’s “I Have a Dream” during the virtual Martin Luther King held on May 12. Students also participatnote-writing campaign to encourage the at the Washington County Correctional in April. The student council program at Shiloh students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and become more compassionate and confident adults. Members have real and timely opportunities to plan and execute projects. These opportunities prepare students for secondary school and their futures. As they leave elementary school, they are equipped to lead in what God has planned for them. For more information about the elementary student council program, contact Katerina Foley at katerinaf@shilohsaints.org. ELEMENTARY STUDENT COUNCIL 7

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