SHILOH TODAY Class of 2020 Shiloh’s Class of 2020 experienced unprecedented disruption to their final year of high school. It wasn’t just the big, up-in-the-air things like prom, spring signing day, senior awards, and graduation that were modified dramatically due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. It was also the everyday bustle of the hallways, speeding off campus for lunch with friends, playing in the baseball state tournament, studying with friends, and singing the fight song together at pep rallies that were irretrievably lost. This class faced the challenges of social isolation, cancellation of extracurriculars and sports, and the loss of many of the cherished rituals that they looked forward to as seniors. This resilient group of students overcame challenges that never happened before on this scale, and they proved to be the strong, hard-working, faithful, and self-assured students our Shiloh family already knew that they were. 67 graduated 100% offered over $6 million in scholarships 51 30+ AC T 51 graduated with honors 25 with distinguished honors 12 scored a 30+ on the ACT completed 1,687 total hours of college credit 1 national merit scholarship 30 CLASS OF 2020

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