SUMMER 2020 Trusting God "With unwavering faith, we will continue to teach our students to trust in God and His goodness in the midst of the trials we face." Dear Shiloh Family and Friends, The 2019 - 2020 school year was full of many blessings and many unexpected challenges. We didn’t know how blessed we were to have a full and “normal" fall semester, filled with countless Shiloh family events. Our students planned service projects, participated in programs and clubs, and competed on Shiloh's athletic teams. We also celebrated 30 years of Shiloh Football with a State Championship appearance. We sent our senior class on four amazing Global Mission Experiences across America and the world. We praise God for all He did during the fall semester. When the novel coronavirus interrupted our academic year in March, our teachers, staff, parents, students, and leadership team met the unprecedented shift to an alternative method of instruction with excellence, perseverance, and adaptability. Our Class of 2020 was given the opportunity to shine even though they experienced an abrupt ending to their time at Shiloh. We were happy to honor them in creative ways, and we were thankful to send them out into the next chapter of their lives as prepared, godly leaders. I’m honored to be a part of a school that took the overwhelming changes to everyday life and learning that a pandemic can bring -- and thrived, despite them. What an incredible place Shiloh Christian School truly is! We are pressing on toward another great year at Shiloh. As we trust God and His complete sovereignty, we will continue to seek Him for wisdom concerning how we will “develop Godly leaders who engage their culture and change it” in the unique situation we are facing. At Shiloh, we believe that a strong biblical worldview and a high regard for God’s truth is critical for the world today. So even during a global pandemic, with a world full of disunity and disruption we will continue to diligently learn, apply, and trust in God’s truths in every area of our school. With unwavering faith, we will continue to teach our students to trust in God and his goodness in the midst of the trials we face. It's a great day to be a Shiloh Saint! Ben Mayes President, Shiloh Christian School PRESIDENT'S LETTER 1

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