01 03 SHILOH TODAY encourage me as a husband, father, and follower of Jesus to this day. Finally, it was at Shiloh that I learned God’s heart for the world. Deep within me is the conviction that God loves people from every race, generation, socio-economic class, and nation. He has done everything necessary for their salvation through the death and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ and His purpose for my life is much greater than living the American Dream. It is ultimately to use my personality, possessions, and position to make this good news known wherever He places me. Growing up at Shiloh, I watched my teachers and leaders not only teach this principle but live it out personally in their lives and that made all the difference in the world. Now that I am back in Northwest Arkansas serving as the Executive and Teaching Pastor of Cross Church, I am grateful I have the opportunity to pour my life into the church and school that has poured so much into me. My wife, Rachel and I have three kids who all attend Shiloh. Living in San Francisco gave us the ability to see first-hand where the culture is headed and this perspective has given us a greater appreciation for what Shiloh has to offer. I am confident the overarching biblical worldview that guided me into such an exciting journey with God is the same worldview needed by my kids. They will no-doubt have to navigate an always-changing culture that will look different than anything we have seen before. My hope for them is that they will face this future with a steadfast belief in the trustworthiness of God and His Word, a passion for reaching the world, and a group of friends who will stand alongside them on their journey. 02 Shiloh’s mission state03 ment is “Developing Godly leaders who will engage their culture and change it.” By God’s grace, I have seen that mission lived out in my own life and I look forward with anticipation to see it lived out in the lives of others as we move into the future together. To give financially and become a part of the Shiloh Legacy, visit www.shilohsaints.org/legacy 22 22 2020 VISION 04 05

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